The Vocation

He is lying across the bed, in his PJ’s, a side table, on it a new Glock, the equalizer as he calls it, since he took up his vocation,  a hit man for the mafia. He is pondering, it’s a few hours before the assignment; it shouldn’t a difficult, the target has no protection; he is just another noisy environmentalist, a planning artist, he objected to a new development that threatened the water supply in his town, a bit like JFK when he was slow to embrace war, he was in the way. Room service he sighs as he swings off the bed, and pats his way to the en suite. Professional, he always likes to look good, it also helps. Well dressed types rarely arouse suspicion till it’s too late. Over the years he has liquidated a few, his vocation as he calls it, the only spirit he needs, the cash fountain that gushes the same way the blood gushes from his victim, that’s his thrill, money.

The world of God, the times of Jesus all those years ago, spell a different thrill, and a bounty at the end, that is simply beyond belief, a world based on love empathy and sharing, where there is plenty, it requires Spirit of the loving kind, intangible, you can never own it, you have to pass it on, your responsible for it, a minder.

Solomon looked at the empty church; it was over a hundred years old. He wondered how many knees had knelt at the pews, the knees, the prayers said. Years before he saw the pictures, full houses everywhere, fifty years later, they are close to despair, half empty even on the busy days, vocation. What happened in the intervening period, to cause such a flow in the other direction; they forgot about the Spirit he supposed, and thought they were running a business.  He sighed, that is easy to fix, amen.


The Right

Permission to love,

the right to share,

a right to care,

opportunity of a lifetime,

you are born this way

nestles in your soul,  

like a young plant,

needs constant nurture,

watered it’s life given,

something you have to do,

stop putting barriers up,

fences that you build,

why hide your love,

can’t use money to imitate it,

can’t you create an impregnable fortress to keep it,

you don’t measure it,

left free can reach  the sky,

has for so many  worldwide,  

even those  hearts trampled on,

even the souls  laid bare.


Coldness and contempt for love,

an acquired mental condition,

the control of love,

it doesn’t grow,

unconditional, choice of the evil minded,

concentrate  efforts on the weak and the poor,

 proven again and again,

so many war torn relationships,

way the emotions are targeted,  

every woman knows, their children,

wicked schemes and horror scenes,

burn your baggage,

everyone has some,

use your rights,

use them today,

don’t be afraid,

change your life forever,

and always remember,

everyone climbs the mountain,

they do it their own way,

use the right today,


No Harm in That

failure to act,

fear of truth,

hidden meanings,

lack of you,

Passing the buck

Blaming others

Believing myths

Torturing emotions

Reality ignored

Ignoring past

Learning nothing

Expecting to renew

mind games

Disabling hearts

Closing your eyes

Pretending emotionally

That’s harm