The noise from the press, the habits of Donald, all over it, hasn’t there been enough. Looking forward, the new leadership in Israel, would remind you of the state of affairs in Northern Ireland,before the peace,arch enemies who swore they would never get on, they put down the swords, began a harvest of Peace, so while those directly involved, might feel threatened by extreme leaning leaders; they are most often honest in their intentions, but their religion, if its true within them, will force them to listen to the words of Peace. If you encourage hatred of others, you harvest the hatred of others, not the life for your children to follow.

Solomon sighed, he’d had it on his mind awhile; there were those intent on harvesting hatred and they intended to grow extremely rich from it,they obviously didn’t understand the ways of the light. So many signs, verified by odd results, numbers too, and a huge number of other changes’; will anyone living ever forget 2020, or doubt the possibility, that it could happen again. Solomon recalled the words of Isaiah, if they turned towards God, how happy they would all be, amen.


He says it with flowers. Honey, I’m home he shouts rushing in the door. He doesn’t want to linger too long, that will mean, questions. She pokes her head out the kitchen door, had a busy day dear she says, he drops his briefcase on the floor, glances a kiss, more of a lick, as he brushes past her, then heads up the stairs. Roast beef she says, I thought I smelled it at the door, hope you didn’t burn it this time dear, his response. Some writers love to give directions, but really, there is only the two of them, no need to point out, he is talking to her, even if he is having a go at her. Wound her bit by bit, she won’t even notice and like all domestic abuse victims, she will blame herself. Did I not know him, she is good at taking responsibility for her decisions.

He wants a quick shower, back to the office, work is a great excuse, who can blame him for that, well, how do I pay the bills, he has a Rolodex of answers at the ready,cute hoor. I don’t want the sauce to thicken, she stirs it continuously. The table is set for a romantic dessert. She wants to make it up to him, she has put on weight, so he said, she wants to be better.

New set of clothes, hair wet, nice after shave she says, smelling him before she see’s him. I thought we’d have a.. He cuts her off mid sentence. You went to an awful lot of trouble he says. It wasn’t what he said on the first date, she turns around, a smile on her face, the sauce of the right consistency, guey but not stickey, if that’s how you describe it. I’ll make it up to you, what she says. Keys in hand, he is already at the door. Tokyo time darling, you know how it is.

She sits alone at the table. All her effort, wasted, another downer. Maybe I’m depressed she says to herself, well, that’s what her emotional hit man told her. The wine in the cabinet, I need something she says out loud. He sniggers to himself. He is listening to her on his phone, spyware, so easy to undermine anyone.

Solomon sighed, what strange times. The good will always be good, those that are evil will always be evil, and it will be like this until the great change, hang on, amen. it’s happening, the change, a galactic sigh of relief. When your emotional, your easily fished, amen.