I need a Miracle

Words we have all expressed at times, imagine it, the wonder of ancient times, The man with God’s Spirit, he healed them, how their hearts must have soared, deliverance had arrived, as the prophets foretold. The year is 2020, the words of the old mature, they haven’t faded away, will there be any Spirit left it was said, when the great returner re appears. The question of faith, what does it mean, how do you build a relationship with God, through love actually. Then what is love; is it a controlling influence, or a question of example. Jesus was accused by the pharisee’s of having demons in him, well, how else could he do it, and the demon even had a name in those days, it’s not made up. Then Jesus says to his friends; I will go away, but don’t worry, the helper will arrive, the Holy Spirit, and will tell all about me, and more, and guide you back to the ways of God. I need a miracle, many say, I suppose that’s the wonder in those who believe in God, there is only One.

Solomon was reading the journey of many good souls; there are lessons in good books, those that teach us life enhancing ways. In nearly all of them, like a good movie, their is strife, there is struggle, many of them are examples of the Struggle of Jesus in olden times. And what did Jesus say to his followers, don’t fret, stand firm, I have defeated the world, your freedom is at hand.

If you want God’s Spirit to reside in you, you got to clean up inside yourself, where else can the Spirit dwell, the connection, how you treat others, and those bad habits you need improving on.

Flight of the Spirit

Flight of the doves, sweet flight no trace, no one can follow it, though some will try to imitate it, even buying the expertise, as if they could buy it, Spirit. How competing Spirits can be overcome by pride, what a waste, don’t they realise it, how many have tried to, own it. Human minds can’t possibly understand, the invisible nature of it, and why mere children are first to recognise it, an energy, that is not sullied, no adult anyway, unless blessed with it. Dependent on rules, the young are not under the threat of rules, they copy what is in front of them, and they succumb to it, the example they are shown, which become rules. My pleasure is the escape, the mind does not have to work, I can ignore it, the unpleasant experiences, sidelined, and to that pleasure I return, whenever I am troubled, refuge. In the ideal world it’s the safety of family, the comfort of a father or mother, in they I trust, what else they say is there. Occasionally, there are those nourished in a healthy Spiritual way, it’s not as common as many would wish, and when children wish to run, it’s always a sign of distress, there is great anxiety, why else. Solomon encountered such beings, wisdom beyond years, who are able to express it, the flight of the doves.


Love solves all problems and is the answer to every prayer.. this is a re blog, but it is so true.

via Love cures people,


He hears a sound vibration, there is a band playing in the harbor, the young and the eager, there are fools who raise their heads when they hear gun shots when they should keep their heads down, never panic. He has to get closer to the action, burb burb, he is going to risk it, it’s thrash near the top, same everywhere, but if you want to sample it, you have to risk it, he pokes his fishy ear out of the water, see’s the lights flashing, hears the base sound, it’s rocking, so this is what it’s like to be human. He ingests a tab, acid rain, they used to dump nuclear stuff in the harbor, before the authorities copped on, his stomach frizzes, this is terrible, the concert in the harbor forgotten, it’s a fight for survival, so much for the Mirror, I’d rather be a fish, Ma!.

Original Nelson


Nelson Mandela, Original.


It was a long recovery, getting over all the rage, but he made it to the other side and lived to tell the tale, it began with a feeling that this can’t be good for the soul, the way they treated his brothers and the way they fuelled a hate, relentless in his passion he ventured on and planned the extension, beatings murder terror and fear the weapons they used against him, life eventually catching up on him wasn’t one of his fears, never worried about his personal protection strong beyond all fears, used all the tools at his disposal from across all frontiers of the globe, cried freedom from the top of his voice it could be heard everywhere, 

gathering momentum he began to experience the wonderful energy of love, the strength of faith that enlivens can only come from God, he laboured on cutting down the oppression leaving a path others could find, he moved on and pushed faced punishment and personal risk it went on for years, took chances angels would never think of because of their fears, if it’s my fate he said it’s my faith and he decides in the sky, managed to get to the other side waved the flag of freedom sent the world a wonderful sign to see, his name was Nelson Mandela and he was a very special sort of man, found it in his heart to forgive and forget all those brutal scenes, practised the words of God each day and let go of all his fears, he had faith his spirit and love, amen, now he’s up there in Heaven and I hear him ringing those bells,  Oh Nelson,

welcome to your new home smiles God then handles him the forgiveness bell, Nelson smiles, can I  ring the bell, the way a young child would, always with a smile, ain’t it good to have memories that everyone can share, the original plan of God, amen.


Years later, God is perplexed, Nelson is at his table with a list of matters to be set right, God answers, forgive forgive forgive forgive forgive forgive, forgive, writes God opposite every entry Nelson Made, then smiles, remember what I TOLD YOU IN PRISON, FORGIVE BEGINS AT THE TOP and works it’s way down, it’s the lawyers who set the rules at the bottom hoping that no one makes it up, Elvis is giving guitar lessons in the sun room, why don’t you learn a few Jimmy Hendrix numbers they get me going too, You mean he’s in there too, along with, God pauses, calls saint Peter over, Peter, who do we have playing in the orchestra tonight, Russian symphony, French, German, we have all sorts of musical orchestra’s here, what is nelson interested in, beatle mania I can’t believe it is it really him, he spots George Harrison, Nelson shouts, my sweet lord can you sing that one for me, he held me up for years.

Nelson realised your never alone in a world with God, you just have to believe it, whether it be the light, a person, a great spirit, or a passing lord. Nelson buts in again, God is welcoming the new arrivals, giving them new spirits and a happiness that will be eternal, they are children on their first day at school full of hope and joyful, they spot Nelson, who runs over to St.Peter, what are they doing with they are following after me, Peter laughs, smiles over at God, they all want to see how your doing they bring wishes from many of your friends, amen.Image