Love 2 U

Love is wisdom, patient, never owned, the gift, your connection to humanity, enemy of evil, the power of God, it’s inside you, the light that shines, love is rain that falls, love is life giving, your reason why, love is all, when tainted it weakens us, love never dies, love is royal, so much effort being made to destroy it, so much effort made to weaken it, your basic instinct, from the day you are born, can never be bought, so many try, so many substitute it, so many abuse it, so many betrayed it,Image it’s the war being fought night and day, the absolute control of thought and emotion, it’s why it’s so feared by those damaged by it, it’s why we are reminded of it, the hurt caused by it, purposefully to create friction in society, be warned it’s more precious than gold, and it’s the secret to paradise on earth, amen, nothing else really matters, dump the hump the anger the disappointment, God is merciful when we are, we mimic the world by our actions, when we Love we imitate the ways of God, when love becomes us we acquire the ways of God, it’s the struggle of every living human being, but rejoice, the love that moves the hearts, is being renewed all across earth, the Holy Spirit the purest of Love, is here on earth and moving within us all, open up and encounter even more of it, amen. God Most High is with us everyday, we just have to love to realise it, it’s the law of the talents, a form of love given to all, in order for us to love even more, to encourage us to love further and to respond, wisdom of God is the Love of God, endure and endure and endure, the helper is here to stay, amen.

The assault on love by those who have tried to control us, their day is done and it’s very real, amen, watch the new era of change emerge, amen….

A Thousand Years

A thousand years to notice, love is all that matters everywhere, Imagesatellites all around the world, telling them what they already are aware of, as if they are up to something good, twenty four hour news that is worse than a Korean rant, same news same old views what’s going on, a new crisis usually settles the moment, pushes the thoughts in new direction leaves you continually short, but getting used to it is the name of the game, get used to it because it’s a con, emotional drip feed tangled with some human sorbet, whet’s the appetite for change even if it’s totally made up, spin doctors media manipulators and friends your day is over, the Lord God the Holy One is marking each and everyone, so next time you decide to betray with lies and half truths, realise it now it’s you who’ll be soon made up, fixed fastened tied and restrained till He’s ready to shut you up, amen.


evil head dead heart

hates everyone as well

demon seed inside him

has to be remedied

his outcome is hell

God listens closely

trouble for him unfortunately

life disintegrates totally

hell waiting for him

women safer now

man marked very clearly

life falls apart

end of the matter

his life in tatters


Little Trouble

Fours years old, troubled and wondering, eyes dart left and right, eyes on the door again, little heart beats he hears the feet, the tap on the door unfulfilled, goes to school tries to fit in, others have fathers why not him, he withdraws emotionally unable to share, every time his mother meets a man hopes soar, again and again he feels let down, begins to be independent doesn’t listen to anyone, his way of coping I suppose too young for medication, year rolls his hopes rise and fall, the father he yearns for where he wonders, men like mammy but it’s only for a night, they fill her with compliments he’s a source of discomfort each night, not that they worry about his welfare, it’s hard to do the mother when he’s there, he hears the passion the gasps and the shrieks, so this is growing up his respect for women complete, is soon worn out emotionally drained, you grab you steal your in charge, well it was the way he grew up, it’s the only example and it’s emotionally secure, no need for feelings or dreams, years later doing time in prison no one comes to visit him, and society wonders whatever happened to that sweet little man,  little problems,Image amen.



The Refugee


Nothing exciting it’s morning, she wants to get up but doesn’t, she lies there imagining it, another life anywhere else, away from the world she’s in, she prays to God sometimes, is tired of asking and has accepted it, every day they see her on the street, she goes to the convenience store, buys her breakfast roll, she’s ignored and forgotten, homeless in the minds of all, what if she’s ill or depressed, we all have to live, she quickly gulps down the roll, a bottle of water helps, then she goes off to her spot, the place where she sits all day, till they come and pick her up, where she goes after no one wonders, out of sight out of our minds, the stuff the headline creators ignore, as it would only put us off shopping.

The car journey is a relief, it’s warm but crowded, the women do what they are told, what did you get they ask, she’s counted it out, kept a little for herself, the old man gestures with his hands, she passes over her earnings, along with control of her life, later she’ll be doing other things, things we’d rather not speak about. In every country in the western world, in every country in the world, women and children beg daily, many because of lack of education, many out of fear and a beating, many just to survive, stuff we tend to put away to the rear of our minds, being a refugee is not the easiest of worlds, in a world full of resources, it could just be a matter of greed, check out the cloud and imagine the One in charge of it all, wonder what marks he’d give us today.Image

war on the streets



Hunger child walks the streets eyes open wide,

smells the food frying does it smell good inside,

his stomach churns what’d he do for one bite,

a soft voice calls out from a street corner,

would you like something to eat young man,

how can the little boy refuse a needy treat,

and it offers release of hunger pain and relief,

mother at home no food in the press,

a baby cries on the floor the place a mess,

quite be quite little one we’ll soon have some eat,

waiting for her junkie boyfriend to come home,

she’ll then be free to roam the streets all night,

be home in time for breakfast with something to eat,

he’s ten years old but already into the routine,

does what the man says and waits till it’s over,

nice boy the man smiles as he fixes his attire,

Child will be back tomorrow or another time,

man returns to his family and his normal home,

woman strolls the street waiting for a car to slow,

checks her watch it’s only three too early to go,

$50 won’t pass his habit food and something to eat,

home early he might even beat her to death so he said,

hunger world the thrills the spills the excess and mess,

child on the street hungry smells the sweet smelling food,

understands what to do goes to corner and rendezvous,

training the vulnerable easy as training a circus animal,

once they get addicted it’s a question of repeats,

they soon realise what they have to do,

nothing you can do that’s the way things are,

there is nothing you can do about it either,

hope you understand just repeating the mantra,

stories they put out hoping to put you off doing good,

 world of the hungry the old and the misunderstood,

war on the streets is a war for food….Image


High praise for those who follow mammon, in the media the news the network, hallowed tones respect and applause, a constant reminder given to the young, blinding the senses and making them dumb, occasionally we highlight a voice from the desert, a good news story that enlightens everyone, soon as the trouble subsides we are back in the pit, shouting orders same as the wall street elite, traders in heat while so many don’t even eat, ignorance of the laws of God almost complete, feel good for a moment cause it wont last, count the crumbs in your portfolio and sleep, it is all you’ll do cause you can’t bring it with you, just the acts of your lives which will probably catch you, so says the God of Heaven and Earth who waits in Heaven for you, don’t they understand he wonders all this goading, giving love an open space means leaving space within you, for the message to roam freely not under duress daily, the cost of getting into Heaven priceless for everyone else tragedy, amen.

Check the image in the sky, it’s real.Image

Welfare God

Left school early

didn’t wanted to,

too young,

hard to handle

the fear when

you’re little dear,

to find love

she grabbed anywhere,

now on welfare

three mouths to feed,

on social security

they call her thrash

on account of her life,

nothing going in her world

only her fears,

relies on others

in the same position

we all need friends

we gravitate to same,

wasn’t her plan

she wasn’t to blame

a sweet young girl,

the absence of love

she lived in fear

and the fear of emotions,

tossed out into a world

with the vulnerable anywhere,

not three thousand miles away

it’s your town story

not far from the front door,

meanwhile an elite

spell bound grabbing wealth

they find the support

from other wnnabe’s

want the same as them,

crazy world and children exposed

do they wonder about God,

his reputation thrashed

in the wounded heart

of the welfare mother

with her legs in the air,

alcohol  numbed

in the pain and the fear,

cause nobody listened

or saw the tears roll from her eyes,

God Most high sees differently

titans are going to bleed,

it’s in the sky 

The Changers

Advertising industry perverse, religious

Bystanders multiplying, wall street

Thiefs, chemical industry chiefs, the

Media industry too, the home abusers,

The child teasers, the spin deceivers,

The arrogant leaders, the elite believers,

The selfies, fashion leaders, not forgetting the men

Who turned their backs on love, whole

Lot of change required, God is watching

Closely, bells ring out, new world order, no

Longer in doubt, heaven at rest, amen.Image

Tribal Warfare Ends

The good the bad the indefinitely stubborn,

competition and no sight of a resolution,

both tribes crossing the divide, mingling

virtues power their drug, just as it is for

almost everyone, no sign of the divine referee,

who only acts through souls worthy of graces,

many of them sullied beyond redress, the devil

smiling smugly, this will last forever, well, the best

wine is served last, it’s been served everywhere,

and the evil doers on all sides are having the worst

nightmare of their lives, a bolt of love has pierced

the shield, created to contain our hopes and loves,

amen, and struck the heart of God Most High, whose

been spotted in the sky, rejoice, times they are a

changing, finally something worth waiting for has

arrived, and it’s in all of us, everyone who believes

in Love, acts in the mind of love, will be touched by

the heart of God, when you pray, push your fears

guilt hurts aside, just forgive, and the change will

happen sooner, all across the globe, halleluiah!!!

two tribes, one resolution, heaven on earth, one

bolt of love, what could be simpler, as Jesus said,

all those years ago, you just have to believe, and

when the holy spirit comes, you will have them cold,

So it has proved to be!!,