How to communicate with God is the mother of all issues, and is the point we are aiming at here, and when we wonder about the blessings that God confers on us, how these blessings are passed to us, is what is important, not why.10-16 Lessons Learned In LifeghandhiIMG_5757


Solomon the Light Worker

The light workers light worker, the forgiver of forgivers, the heart that differs, the lightness of being, unburdened by everyday trials, even Jesus found it hard, needing miracles to explain the lot, does it get any clearer, we are light when loving, ever notice the inner feeling, nothing is more important, your loved, then you start wanting, other things, security and all those bits, needs become obsessions, it begins to fall apart, not what it was, you need even more, some lessons are hard learned, maybe it’s why we are all born again,

we are lighters second time around, amen…

along come the demons, masquerading as light, they know your weakness, plenty of bribe stuff, those ideas you have, things they can do, fooling the believers, sucking them into schemes, giving your leaders status and power, addiction that’s fatal for believers, ain’t it easy to see why it went wrong, whatever your creed or knowledge, remember the good Samaritan, it wipes out the selfish instinct, so those who sit in comfort and conceit, there is far more to it that you’ll ever admit, little wonder so much effort into schemes, that create anxiety and fear, amen

Solomon was reminding himself, how the spirit is so easily stressed, when it’s not based on firm foundations, Jesus called St.Peter the rock, the foundation stone for future believers, and are we not wise to remember, there were so many deceivers about, so many who believed in all sorts of idols, and isn’t it strange how they fall, our idols that is, along with our faith in them, when the same people who rise them up, pull them down later, it could not be simpler, amen…IMG_5758ghandhi

Patrice Lumumba – His Great Escape

The anniversary of the escape,  of Patrice Lumumba, and who was Patrice Lumumba. It’s not a name of celebration, If you are President Eisenhower, Allen Dulles, or a member of the C.I.A., it’s a day of great shame and uncalculated harm. Mr Patrice Lumumba was the First Prime Minister of Congo. On account of his unwillingness to co-operate with the interests of the west, a coup was planned and executed, with the assistance of the above named individuals, who had him replaced with a dictator. The Congo was on the path to freedom, lead by a pro Congolese who wanted the resources of the Congo for the people of the Congo. Sadly Mr Patrice Mulumba was re captured and tortured to death. The history of Congo has been a disaster ever since, rifled top to bottom. The church enquiry in 1975 clarifies this in it’s findings. While History is history, 53 years to the day, the celebration of Thanksgiving occurs today, the day of his escape from custody. In the aftermath of this atrocity against democracy, it opened the gates of Hell upon the world. Many great men were removed from office by similar means in the sixties, not excluding the great Mr Kennedy. May God bless them all. The number of wars that occurred since then, the damage they caused, the affects today, unimaginable, the flow of injustice that occurred, hard to contemplate. Remembering Thanksgiving, remembering the children of the Congo, amen.

Patrice Mulumba

Patrice Mulumba

Easy Peace

Whose that,

they are your enemies son,

they are not similar to us,

they don’t eat the same things,

they treat their women differently,

the worship they pray,

it’s not the same as us,

but they pray to the same God Popa,

shut up sin,

shut up son,

father loses it and abruptly ends the conversation,

who gave him a mind of his own,

father is going to blame the teachers,

who else he sighs as he walks to his car,

it’s easy start a war,

it’s easier to create peace,


political class,

you’ve been warned.Image

Nelsons Gone To The Sky

a living man, a real life lived, passionate to the end, he delivered when it cared, forgave when it was necessary, was wise to the end, met all types, who gladly learned, the power of forgiveness and how it pleased the lord, 27 years of experience behind bars, i wonder what he’d think of the mess we made of it all. now for the real stuff…

“The books will be opened in the Sky!”


Esdaras 6.20, 2,500 years ago.

(check the image out, it’s real)

with the disturbing news that God actually exists, well all the folks gathering in capetown for Nelson’s funeral, should all realise this, in a small exclusive castle, a father and son have a very stern discussion, it goes like this, and the quotation i use, is actually real, not imagined….

You better have a reservation on that spaceship son, quipped the old man.

Dad, I hate flying, it makes me queasy.

Son, you are not listening, this is the end, just as it was at the end of world war two, it’s over, the game is up,

some nutcase has managed to break the code,

it’s finished. I’ve got all of us on the next shuttle to mars.

Dad, no one lives on mars!.

No one lives in hell either, and that’s where we are heading if we hang on here.

What about lulu, I can’t leave her behind, she loves me.

The Devil laughs out loud, loves you, right. She only loves money, just money, and we had it all, till that idiot came along.

Why don’t you get rid of him, same as the others.

Dad shook his head,

Children, damn children.

It was fine until news got out that we had control of everything, everything, every thought, every idea, every song written, we controlled it all. He’s protected now, untouchable, even I can’t bribe him, it’s over son, when are you going to learn.

Later that evening, the son meets up with Lulu, he’s tearful.

Gotta leave you honey, Dad said it’s the right thing to do.

I thought we were getting married. Were not going to be separated, I’m going where your going, don’t care what your father says, I’m going too.

To mars or to Hell,

well I’ve been to hell and back, lets go to mars.

Spaceship takes off, stuffed with wealthy folks who huddled their wealth while millions starved, planning a future without them.

High in space, the engine cuts out, nose dives back to earth.

Is everyone happy with hell shouts Captain Manson, cause that’s where were heading. he shouts, yahooo..

Later that evening, there is a special news report.

The space travel industry is in smithereens.

How many lives they would have saved had these decent people thought along the lines of Oscar Schindler, and did something proper with their talents, quite a few I imagine, quite a few. 

Nelson Mandela, Enjoy your Rest,

so many owe you a debt,



You’ve Been Chosen


What do you do

you have been chosen,

you still learning

giving it all you can,

trying to explain

the calling of all life

not the end

truly divine,

second life


vine, the only source of energy that is capable of warming the heart of God, allows the sun to shine for the weather to be sound, it’s silly but it’s always been the answer to our problems, and when you love, you need less for yourself, works every way.

The deeds the efforts the worthless cases the afterthoughts, the strange decisions you had to make the blind steps, the imaginary friendships you made along the way, how you dealt with all those difficult situations, the help you gave, going up or down sir, always with a smile.B


A child is born and is being formed by those around him, he’s young but is getting used to his new surrounds, understands the difference between soft and hard, his baby ears are still sensitive and are only getting used to noise, he winches at the sharp noise and is always wanting mammy, she’s warn and smelly and she is forever saying soft things to me, now she is dressing me up and taking me to the church, water my God water they are trying to drown me it’s cold too I’m screaming, but once the ceremony it’s odd it’s as if there is new life in me, they all looking oddly at me as if I’ve changed, that’s when you take over cause you’ve been chosen. 


The Power of Love

ImageThe power of love

potential of the human heart

The fear that love can create,

The hurt that never forgets,

Rejoice if you hurt inside

It means you bleed sometime

a luxury if you still feel that way

not the cure of a therapist

they are always looking for victims

the excuses we come up with

the experts who all agree on the matter

the threat that is used if they tell the truth

the power of love can overcome all that

and will leave you happy all day

the power of love

when you use it right


purely divine

God Given