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Malala Malala Yousafzai (For Malala Yousafzai) five times shot by medieval misogyny bullets of brittle belief aimed by ancient assassins at innocent dreams fifty million young girls take to second-class beds every third world night but this one slender flower empowered by sisterhood shared at the roots flush with uncommon courage caught […]

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The Victims

uneducated, mind controlled, a robot, believes it, his only family, they have a hypnotic nature, demons no less, a cult in another form, users of vulnerable, target them when they are sensitive and in need. Solomon encountered angels, there were many working undercover, trying to undermine the tactics of demons.

How would you like to go on a trip, he’s all excited, it’s a gathering of believers, the bomb is hidden in his rucksack  but he doesn’t know, a gift he is told. he waltzes in relaxed, the bomb blows, there is blood. Solomon was writing the prayer, ungodly, hated filled, they needed to be stopped, and at the sensitive times they struck, mosques, holy grounds, churches, it was all planned, in places of prayer. There was nothing of God about them, hear the prayer. The picture of the young woman, her life destroyed, wasn’t it time to put an end to this terrible waste, amen.

Value of Praying


The value of prayer, the  effort to praise God, the chance to make a petition, or prayer request, possibly both. How successful you are, is a personal journey. What is your style of life, you can hardly be affective in prayer, if you don’t believe yourself worthy to begin with, so, step one, is amending behaviour, you don’t repeat your errors, simple. Step two, what do you include in your prayer, something greater than yourself helps, means you are not just of yourself. Your behaviour will be clear to God, and genuine effort is rewarded. Step three, loving prayers only, God does not do hate, so you must empty yourself of hate, all of it, empty the closet, your prayer should be made on the basis of a clear slate. Step four, patience, God doesn’t do tricks, sends helpers and guides first, so you must be patient. The more you repeat good behaviours the stronger your prayers become. Step five, God is all wisdom, so include wisdom in your prayer, by that, see how general situations can be improved, add your sixpence worth.

Step six, deeds, most important form of prayImageer, your deeds are what you are, words are great, but without deeds, prayers will fail. Step seven, if you love and you are true, your love will show in how you treat others. By being loving, you’ll show God, that you are worthy of his time. Step eight, practice regularly, it requires effort to get the prayer right. If you practice the above, study the holy scriptures, you will understand the meaning of prayer, the Power of God Most High, and his divine mercy. Always remember, God has been let down, by societies and people, everywhere, so gaining trust, as with all great relationships, will require effort time patience and perseverance. I have seen the impossible, encountered the Great Spirit, faces in the clouds, survived more than one near death experience, and have the picture of the man in the Sky, (check out the image), and the one bit of advice I’ll give anyone is this; when your in the zone of pure loving and in the right mind, nothing is impossible, as nothing is beyond God Most High, amen.

image of man


Every character flawed,

why expect perfection,

every religion biased,

why is it a problem

Everything in the world,

except nature,

man made,

carved out of ideas,

 nature goes astray

mankind at work

We grab issues,

 keep  the game,

start a protest

a week later

something else

moving the process

 opening the minds

world is changing

click of a mouse,

 the conflict zone,

with the coordinates

 use a drone,

star wars nice distraction,

using communications start wars,

 nosier when everybody knows

 the fox in the hen house

 except the hens are armed

There are flaws in everything,

Any valiums dear,

prozac will do,

even a few sleepers,

no child can handle

internet TV mobile phone

social trending exercise friends

not forgetting porn,

 prescribed pills as well,

stop pretending

because you have security,

they had that in Iraq,

Syria, Afghanistan Vietnam

Congo Zimbabwe Greece

 many other places too

 time to start over again

 image of man

needs re invention

Image amen