Divine Love

Love is the answer to every prayer, we are spirits, wrapped in flesh, and we have been fighting a spiritual war with everlasting consequences, that have huge repercussions for everyone living and who has lived, we are the good wine and the bad, and God Most High is the master of all. But as there is light there is also the dark, and it’s all controlled by us, we human beings, we are the body of God, collectively, poor good bad great or non descript. Soul warriors, we have limitless potential if we can merge into one, do the most extraordinary, and we all come from the sun, the thing that shines in the sky is us. God you see, is the light, and love is the divine gift, we are all born with it, but it rarely is given the time it requires to fully mature. This is not contrary to religions, as God Most High, in his wisdom, hers too, it shouldn’t matter, male or female because God is divine, end of story.

At the other end of the spectrum there is the dark spirit, which controls and uses us, for all sorts of purpose, basically we love we strengthen, we don’t we weaken. It is why none of us can reproduce alone, and the magic is, the more we love the better we make everything, and we give God Most High great praise when we do, and we open ourselves to his great mercy. It is not a case of your better than me, it’s just a case of when we do things in unison, we strengthen the light and retain the trust of the Great one. Because of varied circumstances, and the human condition to be self supporting we forgot about our dependency of our Divine Father and Mother. In a nutshell, when we are cohesive and true, we create a pure joy that is immensely pleasing to all that is divine. Love is the bounty of the Divine master, and we in the flesh, have been gifted this life we all enjoy, which many assume to be a birth rite, this is a gift, gift, it’s not yours or mine, we belong to the light, and to the light we will return, provided we bring some with us, love juice…

Wisdom is great spirit too, God is all purpose, and angelic forms do exist as do angelic forms that are bad and evil purposed, but the great thing to remember, is that Love in the heart is an untouchable source of real light. So those who live in this light, and I have seen it sometimes, when we act in love, we produce a love that is pleasing to the great one .It’s never been a better time to become as loving as possible, as the light energy in strength can overcome the dark and the evil therein. Just imagine it!, it’s just love, too simple almost….