Music on Monday

Monday, the end of january, the first days of Spring are near, you need to get your head clear, perhaps you need to unwind, music supplies much of what we need. Trying to lose the bias being poured into the mind, well, you heard so much in your years, how can you put those fears aside, where is the space you need, a hundred different emails, a load of tweets, and a host of other messaging services, who can handle the over load. Lets face it, we all have one set of eyes, and our brain has a wide variety of streams, you can’t work the same sections without letting the other parts down, it’s the same as letting down your children, be good to yourself, give your mind a rest, listen to music, you say you have not the time, well, if you don’t want a breakdown, you can always reach of the V’s.

Immigrants wait in the arrivals hall, why don’t they play music, waiting is a bore, apart from the stress, the officials behind the desk, pass paper over and back, oblivious to the needs at the other side of the counter, a little thoughfullness. Those in charge, if you make it too comfortable, you will only encourage others, what a mind set, we are all supposed to welcome guests, oh for the good times, amen.


Celebrity Mothers

The manicurist is extra careful, the last time she missed a nail, Miss Celeb let out a scream that could be heard on the east coast, well, imagine it, okay, it could have been the east coast of Russia, Japan, whatever, the naff terms we dish out. There is a photographer waiting for her outside, well, it’s her daughters first official snap shot. She doesn’t

wants the child to be overwhelmed, imagine, a hundred photographers rushing to take your image, what, that stuff in the past was reserved for war criminals usually, things have changed, and fear of people has fallen among the celebrity set since they can afford security, there is always the paycheck. Why would she want it any other way, it’s cash, plain and simple.

Solomon wondered, was it the role of children to protect their parents or was it the other way around. He thought about it, when they are strong and firm of mind, they tell you what to do, when your weak, they tell you what to do. It almost sounded like the law of the jungle. It still was hard to get a grip on; putting your children into the limelight with so many unsound people around. Blame the agent i suppose.

collective love

the word is a power tool, and love is the most powerful force there is, it’s also the hand of God, make it stronger, by pouring all your best thoughts into the world, forget your personal bias by the way, you actually help the collective love to strengthen, you empower the angels, and open channels of hope everywhere. So pump the universe with all that is good, and watch the world around you flourish, its’ that simple, amen. pass the message on.

Happy New Times

new world, old guard in runs, real love ascending, change happening, prayers answered, children smiling, few avoiding, honesty to the fore, thoughtfulness, titans turned into babbling fools, no more of more of the same, signs of the awakening everywhere, amen. Words write the future, make your dream the widest, and catch all the others as well. Solomon

understood the power of words. The prayers of Isaiah reminding him, amen.

Song of Today

It’s home,

the heart,

it’s love,

it’s a smile,

you share it,

lights my day

raises my mood,

all the way,

could have more,

be happy too.

rest of my days,

sweet lover,

no time to waste,

passed many things,

turned away,

one heart to the next,

yours gives me,

the boomerang affect,

can’t forget`

or get over it,

come on over,

share it with me,



another long day,

mind heavy,

heart loaded,

don’t know why,

much to ponder,

cant forget,

was I right,

made decisions,

had to make,

thought it wise,

even if it hurt,

impulsive perhaps,

sometimes you loose,

sometimes you booze,

trying to ignore,

the hurt inside,

what can i say,

heart is weary,

can’t face it,

it’s the truth

who can say

just another day,

without you


come on home,

door is open,

heart is woken,

bleeding inside,

love waits you,

anything else,

a sweet caress,

time to distress,

relax and love,

share the moment,

smile and cruise,

down time love,

don’t regret,

love never forgets,

remember coffee

remember your smile,

girly cute,

still can recall,

sensous and shy,

easy and wise,

let me be,

only yours,



War against the Young

Modern day child loosing his smile

 wont be long before he’s old and gone,

reason I write not for  applause or celebration,

have heard the warnings it curls my toes and feet,

unable to speak freely communicate or confide,

modern day child is being slaughtered in the mind

afraid to open up often he just hides,

constant attack on his tender mind,

ignorant ravings of a world gone wild,

tragedy  should be avoided at all costs,

we create new bodies hoping they will work,

 nothing  being done to arrest this situation

nothing to halt the saturation of the young,

the savage assault on the young and vulnerable

in truth another way of controlling them,

this  theatre of  war an  anthem that is sung,

in so many voices across the globe,

ban the gun they say and war will end ,

what about the war for the young,

and war waged inside their heads,

Do something god damn it do something,

rapid and fast this global madness,

a condition that simply cant last,

God of Heaven and Earth mother nature,

and the saints are up in arms against it as well,

in this war being waged for souls of the  young,

and the death of all innocence on earth,

don’t believe those constant lies,

the spin doctors roll out of so many lies,

the future depends on the senses within,

and the heart that still burns inside everyone,