The Other Way

I didn’t think it was wrong, it was the way they reared me, i though it was normal, the way they praised me, the treats that i was given, i thought they respected me, then, well, one day they threw me out on the street, as if they let their dogs on me, it was horrible, the normal that i knew, was the normal they thought me.

The stenographer tries to keep up with the testimony. The boy man re tells the story, how he was used as bait, to trap others, his head down, he recalls the signs, told what to look for, the courtroom drama, the silence in the court, this scheme, was it all over the place. They were looking to convict an innocent man, but the Lord of the Almighty had sent along his Holy Spirit, the game was up, but the story has to be told, as it was a common trick, to gaslight people, a game children were playing on themselves.

So entire nations were in the hands of these men and women, asked the prosecuting counsel, the tone of voice, a slight on the words, as if anyone, or any spying agency, would be so audacious as to expect to get away with it.

Well, when you see them, they are just like us, it’s what’s behind, they only could do it though, when they had you subdued, that was their thrill, domination. The jurors are spell bound, could this be true.

Solomon thought of Albino Luciani, the man whose was the key to so many profound revelations, the bright beaming hope, who smile lit up the hearts of all he met, and how that joy, was taken away, just as hopes were rising, what a legacy, whose smiling now, amen.

Whom should you fear, was the question, Moses is on the way back from the mountain, it was time to out the deceivers, demon and beast, amen.


Jesus on Piety

Beware he said, it’s not always what it looks like. The warnings were issued 2,000 years ago, not yesterday, but those who influence people in that “Spiritual” sense, seem to have hijacked the Spirit in others, by chaining a lot of good people to rules, that are not healthy. Same as divorce, and other things, 2,000 years ago, Jesus issued reminders, in short, not all marriages worked out. Perhaps it was advice for those in the “Spiritual” advice service, to think of ways of helping the marriage or the conflicts therein,. to come up with a fair way of dealing with the break ups, rather than imposing fear on the lives of children, trapped in violent relationships, be it mental or physical.

One Bet that made it?

It’s the will of God the preacher said. It was her third time in the asking. Meanwhile, her children were being made vulnerable to so many threats, many impossible to overcome, habits passed on to others, self harming, amen on a global scale.

But so and so said this?… What was the Pharisee’s name asked Jesus.

Women in time

I found a husband, the family celebrate, the extended family, the concerns, normal, the year 30 AD, life is simple, the sharing of duties, each person knowing their skill, their ability. The time, simple, the attractions simple, life expanding, the dreams, mostly eternal, the wish, the loving protection of God Most High, healthy family, and a peace filled community, sounds simple. The mega stores didn’t exist, credit rare, the sweat you spill, the food you eat, unless your a writer or artist perhaps.

2020, the energy is not the same, there is pressure, expectations, the sexless person does not appear to exist anymore, while the media runs stories, what is your sex anyway, children confused, do we believe the news, didn’t they say it was fake anyway. Issues with men, few women escape them, the dress code, being male minded, tough, you do want to get along don’t you. the habits you have to adopt, life you suppose.

The energy is strong, she feels it around her, great at the start, but who wants the attention, its’ too regular, and to complain, that’s like taking offence to it. Women in time, the first casualties of war, in every war, apart from truth, the issues with men, and this energy, this male energy, almost demanding, the woman, she doesn’t feel comfortable around it, wants to work and be left alone, her privacy respected.

Women in time, the needs of mother nature, what happens when she weakens, are those signs not written about, a reminder, that all is not well in nature. May the men, focus on the needs of mother nature, the needs of those who are in need of help, not the needs of men, that appear to be perpetual, social media, how it ramps up the trouble, perhaps a warning to all, amen.

The Beguines

Not much is written about these Holy Women, who pondered the Holy Words, apart from the large number of them, who were deemed heretical, for their simple interpretation of God and the living Spirit. Not captivated by ritual, they were simple in how they devoted themselves to their holy devotion, too simple for the leaders of Christianity in the 13th and 14th century. Margaret Porette comes to mind. While they retreated from life publicly an account of the witch hunt against them, there must be many women of the Spirit, who have had to cloth their faith in all guises. Was their treatment, though harsh it was, just a reminder; how the Spirit from above has had to fight to stay alive in a world that lost it’s way, possibly, amen.

How they are so needed today, these spirited women, in all the different faith groups and beyond. Well, Jesus gave men and women equal standing, and who can disagree with that, amen.