Jesus and the Feminine Spirit

Don’t be so harsh in your judgement and The Almighty won’t be harsh on you. Wisdom. There were many of the feminine, who were experiencing the freedom of the Spirit, an awareness, and the doors of angst were being set free, and with it, an energy, that while liberating, was also harming in the direction it is pointed. The Question to ask, is, what would Jesus make of it all, and more importantly, why point to Jesus when looking for resolution. All through his time on the mission, showing to the world, The wonders of the Father, he never allowed his ego to get in the way, and all harm or such stuff that hurt, was passed up to the Father, to deliver at the appropriate time, His opinions.

Today, with so much upheaval in the world, the reminders are being sent out, like the tax man waiting for the returns at the time of the “harvest”, the dues collected, that support the well being of creation, as it’s understood.

When others got in the way of the apostles, in terms of, those that were pointing others in the direction of the Almighty, the apostles, were concerned and slightly jealous, that others were doing the same work. Jesus rebukes them, as he did, those who put down the women, a point shown in it’s fullest, when we hear about the women at the foot of the cross, who stood by their Savior in his great suffering.

Life eternal, means just that, as does suffer in eternity means much the same, so in order not to fall into the trap, of an eye for an eye, look towards the salvation, that awaits, and plan the future, in terms of equity, not one of, overlords.

God humbles at the right time, so don’t allow your faith to become, a means for destroying your own good standing. Offer up the pain and angst that so many have had to endure, to the point of forming strange alliances with those, who only use the suffering of others, to get their way, while pretending to care. Beware of wolves dressed as sheep, amen.

A woman of great Spirit and faith, reads the papers, she is shocked at what she reads, perplexed, stunned, another stab to the heart. She takes to heart the suffering of others, but little does she know, that such stories, are there to stun her heart outlook, and so she is like a ship blown off course, and in that change in direction, she allows, the harm filled spirit, to escape her, thereby causing herself more pain. It’s easy to be blinded by the pain that surrounds you, and when you look back, you often see, that such pain, was created, in order to dull the Spirit, that comes from the Almighty, amen. Step back, and your hearts will lighten up, amen.


Healing, mind issues, motor neuron, Alzheimer etc…

A breakthrough in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, recent discovery, they know how to slow it seriously, will eventually halt it, the joy in some desperate hearts, the sheer thought, how it lifts the Spirit. The other advances in medicine, the use of old therapies, the progress being made, the advance of hope. The parallel hope in the upper world, the news, the advance of the Holy Words, on the lips, a feeling of freedom at last, no longer an old wish, but the new reality, well, if unable to do too much, you can at least point your heart and mind to the issues, that lift the spirit of others, then feel better immediately about your self. In short, imagine the news, there is a prophet, early Jerusalem, the roman occupation about to come to an end, how those oppressed, began to feel light, the savior on their mind. And not in the form of man says Jesus, but inside you, amen.

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