C2 Fish

C2 Fish, what do you mean she asks, they are swimming in the river, but they have heard the stories, rumours, the toxic waste they have been pouring into the mediteranean and other places for a long time. Some people have seen C2 fish he says. C2 fish, who ever heard of such a thing. No, No, No, not C2 fish, see through fish, what she says, he raises his eyebrows, women, will they listen, C2 Fish, fish you can see through. No need to get iffy with me dear. See through fish, and they are listening now because they are afraid of their own children, nothing more.

Patience of a Fisherman

Understanding Evil (patience of a fisherman)Image


It’s a spirit, it’s given life, when we leave voids on the heart, when we don’t forgive. It’s given life when we hate, whatever the reason or the excuse we use to justify it. Evil waits for every one, the silent assassin, chasing the entrance to our minds and heart. Storing up resentment is a sure way to invite it in, as it never gives up, as evil needs to find a rest, from where it can harm any one. Once you understand it’s complex ways, you can set traps for it, then it’s dead.

It trawls your mind, searching you out, locates your weaknesses and desires, then mines you the way a parasite does, till there is nothing left in you to find out. It feeds on the energy of resentment and hate, can masquerade as anything, practically impossible to locate, but when you do, it’s a turkey, cause you can summon the good spirit, that will relocate it permanently until judgement day, this is what the good spirit does, actively searches to destroy evil and hate.

Evil minded people blinded by power love to hate, they do anything to control all around them, the polar opposite to the rule of God Most High love, it’s why addiction is so widespread and difficult to move, it lingers inside you and tempts you when in the wrong mood, governments and corporations are infected with the evil seed, it’s pointedly clear, from the actions they tae and their excuse of fear.

The great deception spoken of in the holy scriptures, was a warning to all who sold out love for greed, the need to have power over others is a version of envy and hate, it’s the reason the commandments were given to us, an opportunity to safeguard ourselves and our families before it’s too late, the current deceivers are all in disarray, their long term plans, have been put in the spot light and into God’s hands.

As a wise man said, many years ago, in order to defeat the evil ones you must first study their ways, it’s a time consuming process and it’s a game of chance, many have taken the risk very few with any great success, stealthily you wait and watch the way a fisherman eyes a salmon, you wait till they see the bait, wait till they have it in them, them you strike, and when that happens you have them, amen.