There is so much the mind can handle, there is so much pain we can inflict, some of it, by advice’s received from our teachers, but does hurting others really please God. Rules are built up, they become enshrined in laws, by those who are devout, who assume they are helping the harvest, which harvest you ask, the harvest of pain and retribution, didn’t Jesus teach forgiveness, how easy it is to forget, the basics.

Women, mothers, the carers of their families, how they have similar goals. Solomon was watching old re runs of TV shows from fifty years ago. The respect everyone had for each other, the considerate language, how all that respect had died in less than fifty years, replaced by what, the me syndrome, the death of society for many people.

What will you do, when you are asked to explain your behaviors. Will you quote those words used by those who did atrocity after atrocity, we were following orders. It will be as good as having a sack of rocks on your shoulders while trying to swim, you might get somewhere, but you will drown, amen.

As revelations play out before our eyes on a daily basis, then you hear the great silence of those who pretend to know, but are as lambs, harmless, and in need of shepherding themselves. Who can explain what these changes really mean,what you ask?.

And putting tender minds through it, is the same as the parent who sends the child to boarding school, even though it was awful, what sort of parent is that?

Heart Patches Doctor

What, his glasses slide down his nose, did he hear correctly. He looks at the patient record in front of him. He is a big fan of John Grisham and Lady Gaga, but he has never heard of that request before. Well he says after a pause. Her eyes are droopy, baby pout on her lips, she isn’t feeling great, he wants to help, he is a doctor after all. About to write a prescription for an anti anxiety drug, he remembers a tune Leonard Cohen sang, probably wrote too, the cure for love, at that moment he looks her in the eye, cute he sighs under his breath, as if he is trying to come up with a one liner,that will put her at ease. If it was Saturday night, he might have something else on his mind,but ethics still matter,and he doesn’t over prescribe.

Treasure Box

I don’t feel good doc, can’t you do it for me, the new York drawl only makes him heady, he visited the place once, she is cute, he can’t find words, he begins to sweat, she sees his perspiration, she naturally passes him a tissue, what is that for he asks, while sitting back in his chair, her perfume is tickling his nose, and he feels he is losing control. Let me get a glass of water she says. What he thinks to himself. She is at the water cooler before he can stop her. Taking over the office, this isn’t happening. She places the glass of water on the table, there Doc, I think you needed that.

In a nutshell, she leaves the office a little later, a smile on her face, feeling swell as they say. Her heart patches have been found; When you do good for others regularly, that inner pain will disappear. Why you ask, it’s simply this. The inner Spirit has to be fed regularly, amen. The smile, after the deed, feeling good within. As Jesus said, and says, works of Loving Spirit, are the best forms of work available to those seeking entry through the pearly gates, not knowing about it, and doing nothing about it, Jesus tells all, its not knowing me that matters, but doing the will of the Father, that’s what matters. Amen.