Respect for God

RFG for short, how do we measure up, it’s a very practical ask given the times. Do we try to form substitutes, boutique religions that appease us,make us feel good, probably. Does the latest guru grab our ear, that sounds bearable; Jesus never said it was going to be easy, it’s work but not impossible. The signs are sent from above; do we respond to the hints, make others aware, or pretend,that never happened.

The toes move seamlessly, the fingers are formed perfect, the eyes can see, the body functions; the harmony of the human body. When something isn’t right we are quickly aware. In the bathroom, all functions, when it doesn’t we are in a panic, call the doctor. Spiritually when it goes wrong, what do we do?.

The signs arrive, the world is turned upside down. The evil deeds become heavier with each passing day, and as more signs arrive, the feeling deepens, a new way of doing things, we won’t escape so easily when the great return happens, what are we going through, is it the great reset many ask. The old gray haired men long for earlier days, days when they ought to have spoken up.

The baby is laughing, everyone chuckles, how long a baby though. There are vultures ready AND waiting to take up any opportunity, how long are you baby. Respect for God usually means respect for signs, and a willingness to make the changes. In some places, the family is sacred; what happens when that relationship becomes toxic, do we need outside help?.

Treasure Box

Sodom and Gomarrah

Jesus reminds us, this world belongs to His Father. Babylon never lasted, never will. And those that exist to exploit, are reminded, you will have time before God, it’s not made up. The world is coming out of the lock down, it’s been a sensitive time for billions of people. How are we going to react to the new found freedom?. With one thought, The Almighty God can turn a global leader into a babbling fool. In a nutshell, the world belongs to God. At the end of our days, we are held accountable for ourselves. What will our legacy be, amen.

My Voice

Trying to fit in, doesn’t feel social, is anxious around people, all she can see, others, those able to chat and exchange ideas, what’s wrong with me, She watches the fashion, the style, the attraction, wants the attention, He is awkward socially, hasn’t had time to meet that much, he is a student, has high responsibilities, wants to become a doctor, requires immense levels of concentration. So many types of persons, so many different skills, not everyone is a natural diplomat, not everyone can paint either, talents, dispersed to give us balance, what are we trying to do, push everyone in the same direction, impossible, french wine, Chilean, German, Hungarian, Spanish, there are so many varieties, they never taste the same, respect the difference.

Socially there was so much pressure on, socially your supposed to be upbeat, socially your supposed to be ambitious, relationships, who wouldn’t be confused. Skills were spread among us, same as wisdom was sown for us, we are made to be different, same as the flowers themselves.