Get Up!

The preacher woman has put the fear of God in them, the accusers retreat from the hall, they see the moving Spirit, they know she represents God, they all step back, their earlier enthusiasm curbed, once they encounter the power of the all mighty One True God, they had never seen the like. She calls them towards her healing hands, where she will lay them down, the crowd is excited, they have been praying, genuinely calling out loud, Save us they pray, save them she did. The newspapers across the United States were full of the wonders, a preacher woman becomes the most famous woman in America, the years, the 1920’s.

The healing Spirit, the gift she was bestowed with, was not a gift as far as the excess’s of human kind were concerned, more a hindrance, you mean they believe, what a problem they thought; she was not a member of the religious mainstream.

Many years later, Solomon hit the same sea

m, came upon the healing Spirit, had the visit of the Great Spirit, and had used it as his special surprise ever since. Seriously, did anyone think they could scheme against the Great Spirit and escape their destiny, no one did.

The old man is tired, his years are closing in, he has disappointments reminding him, there was more he could have done, he is getting the reminders of eternity, as the dots of old memory join up, why didn’t I notice he sighs, his eyes teary. The door opens, and the old sallow skin changes in color, the eyes brighten up, as love enters the room. Isn’t that so easy to do?

Just Once

ImageJust for once, opportunity of love, opportunity to forgive, one simple act, a simple prayer of unity, what’s the problem, everyone out there, are you listening, religious faith or indifference, for wisdom alone, for children alone, for some peace, dump the pride, forget the self, ignore the borders, poor or privileged, it doesn’t matter, color or creed, it’s so easy, put aside hatred, pretend if you can’t, but one day, is that so much, one day of unity, wherever you live, pray the one prayer, to the one God, is that so much, too many chiefs, all chasing power, all needing control, God Most High doesn’t need to go to specsavers, HE understands everything, your inner self, the real you, no escaping that, bruises warts hidden secrets, it’s on view, the entire you, get over it, one chance to renew, some are willing, they are very few, but the few willing, of all persuasions, sign up now, one good prayer, one to believe, great outcome guaranteed, eternity is waiting, start all over, a clean sheet, world is born again, not an opportunity to miss, it starts here, welcome assured, amen.