The Oil Fracturer

fracture over here, we need a lobotomy, pump mother earth full of chemical, like rooting out a ferret, getting that gas…story goes on, like an imprisoned sex slave, she’s distrought every day, finally a voice calls out in the wilderness, well many voices call out, but they have few lobby buddies, till God is woken by her screams…and the story goes…


Oil guy big smile,

finance guy big sigh,

Put the rig over there,

Hard to hear clearly,

Chopper very noisy,

Million barrels a day,

Amazing the technology,

Pump in the chemicals,

Whoof the oil flew,

Water becomes polluted,

Nature reserve destroyed,

Land becomes useless,

A sore in everyone’s eye,

Mr President what’s up,

Energy independence he quips,

Fathers mind your children,

That was just an election boost,

Protester gets twenty years,

For upsetting the president,

Mother Nature howls,

A big freeze you want,

She loos to the sky,

God gives the directions,

Wind blows cold air,

Country freezes everywhere,

They wont frac around much now,

Mother nature is consoled,

For the time being anyhow,

Poisoning the water everywhere,

First the arctic now the rivers,

Can’t believe such stupidity,

Meanwhile chopper stops,

Rotors seize up,

Oil guy finance guy go down,

Pilot miraculously survives,

Two more incoming.

Gates of hell opened,

In the two guys fly,

The end.


Esdras rides again

Hit list


God Most High pours over the petitions and prayers made in the name of Lord Jesus, those that are accompanied by righteous souls, are given priority. Peter stands quietly beside him, he’s never seen so many requests that made it to the Boss’s table. Pass me the wine he orders, Peter does as he is told. God sips a little of his favourite creation, then sips again, wondering, how best to unravel the mess, while protecting the good.


“have you got the names there Peter, those that sold out love, not the entire list, just the ones pertaining to the advertising industry first, they duelled with me for too long, assumed I didn’t exist, assumed I’m never react, even concocted stories about me, can you believe it” sighs God


ten names are selected, less than one per cent, they are to have their lives turned upside down in a matter of days. God puts his seal opposite each of their names, all of them close associates of the evil one. He writes out a coded message, passes it to peter. Send it down, and if anyone of them tries to petition me or whatever, I’ll never be home, is that clear.

Andy Benson, guru, marketing genius, is driving home from work a few days later. He gets a message on his mobile, he has to turn around. In deep traffic, he tries a fast 100 degree turn, slams into a truck, is left paralysed in hospital, where he’ll remain till the final judgement comes in.

Rosemary Dillon, his mistress comes to visit him in hospital, runs into Bensons wife, who screams and shouts abuse. Next day, news reporters are at the hospital, Benson has a secret daughter, the result of an extra marital affair with a judge’s wife. Revenues are called in. Meanwhile, Benson is sued by his wife for divorce, that is the end of him.

The list goes on, all afternoon, it’s the same thing, media, business, industrial and financial tycoons, each one of them has their life turned upside down.


That should ease the pressure down below sighs Peter, glad the boss has limited the list to the truly wicked.

By the way Peter, says God, I want you to thwart the plans of all their close associates and the evil ones, including all the fallen angels. I want it done right away, these petitions from all those children, is doing my head, and damaging my reputation. If I ever get another tranche similar to the last one, I’ll send an earthquake as well, do it shouts the lord. Mercy, when they begin to show some. And they say I’m not an interventionist God. God is very annoyed, he’d set a time in the future to judge them all, but on account of one boys plight, a life that had prior to this made him so happy and hopeful, he decided to divinely interfere personally, something he’d left to his servants of earth to do, that was before he realised, that the same servants spent all their time, compromising with the other side, no more of that he promises, never again he shouts, leaving Peter trembling, almost unable to write.

Over a short period of time, the lives of numerous well connected people fall apart.

Esdras got it right again.Image