Love and Peace

Keys in hand, the new place, their first home together. The door opens, everything in place, get rid of it she tells him, she has that look in her eye, a bit early for that he smiles, your phone she says. Love and peace, we will have no outside interference here she says. They disconnect their phones, unplug all devices, there is food in the fridge and wood for the open fire. they both get busy. An hour later, the fire is in full flame and there is a dinner on the table. Two, and no interference from outside, they begin to dine in their sweet company, free from the crisis and disasters happening everywhere else, so the news reports say daily.

is there such a channel that only provides good news, what he says, just thinking out loud. One minute your in total peace, enjoying a read or conversation that means something, the phone buzz, and suddenly the mind is awash, is it good the communication is it a friend, is it something to worry about, how your life can be turned around in a matter of seconds, from peace to hell in the time it takes to say, hello.

Solomon sighed, he was reading the autobiography of a well known singer, a heavy peace it was called. How we sacrifice our lives in order to live out the dream. Foundations matter, like love and peace.