The Surveillance Experience

Do you remember, the effort to spy, the effort to listen, the effort to stall, the embassy, it’s the constant interference with the mind, that is the new playground. Blasting energy, it used to be a medical procedure, those kidney stones, now it’s the mind and the body, that they assault, experimenting, what would the Most High God think of such activity, what would the thought be, a careful consideration on where to store these evil minds when the time is ready, not a reaction, the image of the Mother Earth, a what, pushing a hos pipe into the earth, filled with all sorts, in order to get energy out, what are they thinking, the verdict, well, what did Esdras and Uriel discuss, it’s all in there, those who have those dark ways, amen.

Solomon smiles, in words, the news gets back, what they are doing to others, do you need to ask, amen.