Size Matters

Hilarious, the lady laughs, I can fit into the size 16, it’s just a number, nothing more, a pointer to other, more pressing matters, and the need to have an awareness, that there are issues, depending on the size of a nation or an ego. yes, it sounds like a male thing, it sounds like a man thing, but when it comes to cleaning up, clearing the debris of your life’s existence, when you will have to contend with the eternal stuff, the size matters thingee will really matter, did i really do all that stuff, great if the account is the right one, and not the other.

Examples are all over, the ease of which, what might seem appropriate in one place, might be altogether out of context in another. The size of the nation, the wider the thinking, the more dangerous it can become, depending on what your resources are, the steady hand at the tiller. As evidenced in places, as displayed by some so called politicians, the ability to apply, what you do at home standards, to what happens in others places, is often the coming together moment, that leads to extremism finding roots, that are usually, a disaster. Take the chief of a ntion, where there is a movement towards a more liberal set of freedoms, how those on the extreme, try to exploit the opportunity, and there are examples of it everywhere.

So size matters, your at the shop, you have been on the exercise bike, the jeans look swell, there is a smile on the face, the accessories that you can use, the stuff in the closet you can take out to wear, in short, the options increase. Size matters.

In terms of Spirit, where there is much of it, the options are equally there, the choices, good ones, exist, like the car in the car park, sometimes, smaller is better, as to say, you don’t have to squeeze into the space, and more room for others to exist. In Spiritual terms, when you widen the definition of “The Almighty God”, in that there are many versions of it, depending where you live, the wider the definition in terms of compassion, the easier it is for life to exist, in peace, so to say it in short terms, size matters amen.

A Father with many children, has to think of the welfare of many, the person thinking of themselves, well, is not thinking of others, so the size of the ego matters too!..In this time, when conflict appears to happen in bunches, think before you take advantage of the situation, the cloud with the picture is real, amen.


Working Man

Will you get out of bed, darn, he tightens the duvet, tries to appear asleep, he hears the steps getting nearer,he grabs the duvet, can I hide under the bed, no chance, too many smelly socks, the door opens, he tries to poke an eye out, is that a wooden spoon in her hand, he suddenly throws back the cover, is up immediately,Ma he says, looking at the wooden stick, she is a member of anxiety, no amnesty international, the peace organisation, they don’t do violence, get a job, Ma,you said my job was to think, while all the others are doing, otherwise they’ll lose all sense of direction,that’s what you said last night,his eyes fixed on hers, well ma, you mean you didn’t mean it. And change your under pants, her eyes on his jocks, the state of them she says, any clean shirts he replies, as she descends the stairs.

Later, in town, he has a sour face, a pal walks beside him, they are seeking something to do. They pass the adult sex shop, they don’t look in, they have passed it so often, besides who will pay a fortune for a piece of plastic, just because of the label and the wrapping. Later in a coffee shop, they discuss their choices. A man across from them is reading a newspaper. Did you see that, what says Johnny. Oh that replies the pal, should we buy a copy later. Well, Johnny likes the occasional flutter, and doesn’t want to spend his last dollars on a paper. The headline reads, “Judge concerned with the large number of young porn offenders”.. the word porn, it excites them,action, what, it just does, the same way a sale sign in a window attracts a shopper with cash.

Afterwards, they are walking home, penniless, Johnny lost again. I thought you had inspiration his pal says, Johnny shakes his head, she wasn’t wearing yellow, what, his pal looks at him, are you on drugs, Johnny is pissed off and hungry, when she wears yellow i feel inspired, his pal shakes his head, better get a job, or i will end up like him.

In the door, his shoulders slouched, he tries to avoid the kitchen, as he is half way up the stairs his Ma catches him. I’m going to the bathroom he says. She watches him trail on, what will i don with him she thinks. Later in the kitchen, the two of them are eating their tea, you, she is about to ask him, but the fork of egg and beans makes it to her mouth instead. A tasty bite ma he says. You didn’t look yourself coming in the door, is there something you need to tell me. If her tells her he lost the pocket money again, she won’t be pleased. He has to say something, think, think, think. Why do they have adult sex stores near schools, knowing that small wee children pass them everyday and more than once, shouldn’t they be in other areas. She puts down her fork, a big smile on her face,it’s as if he won first prize in an exam. That’s the first bit of sense that came out of your mouth in twenty years,do you want money, go see a picture if you want. He is amazed,this is new. I knew you’d turn to something good, would you like some cake with your tea, i just bought a new one.

Later he is in front of the TV, a rug around his legs, as if he’s camped. Ma opens the door,a tray before her, and two cups of tea and a plate of cake. Brains do occasionally work. Ma he says, would they allow you drive a car without a permit. She is beside herself in excitement. What makes you think that she says. The boy is finally learning. That wouldn’t be fair she says, you could hurt someone. I suppose they have to do that to the internet too, zones for big people, and ….

Solomon sighed, later generations were not going to be impressed with the attitude of the current lot, given their indulgence with their ego’s, amen.