Hopi Style


Want to live want to die want to love want to survive, it’s your choice every way you look every bribe you tock every friend you sold out every love you hurt, there’s time to put things right and it’s now or never the end is in sight, there is a detour on the road it’s called the trail of love and it’s every ones option, the madness of the last twenty years the increase in hatred the increasing fears, the explosion of  the media the use of evil powers to control this earth,  conceit of the few what ignorance of those that new the blindness of religions, the growth of all that is wrong the stress anxiety the media culpability, are we going to continue down the valley of no return or are we going to be truly forgiving and loving, the time is today now not tomorrow next week or a year after, God Most High is not a fantasy but a real and glorious presence everywhere, if you need to check out the image use some wisdom use a magnifying glass and open your eyes, the heart I mean not the set you have in your head, alarm clock times and your worried about your children’s futures, amen, wisdom of the Hopi Indians the cultures removed the children and women sexualised, the minds of the men and boys traumatised with pornography, imagine what is going around in so many heads, ImageHamen.