genetic wars

501 it’s in the genes



Monarchy minded reputations and human manipulation, saving what from re organisation, the same base the same outcome, total change the only salvation, jingles and bells new faces same obligations, the continuance of an untenable situation, the control of everything and everyone possible, fig leafs of hope but no new understanding, how can this be allowed wonders God Most High, warnings sent messengers to enlighten, miracles and wonders the world over, time to fix the problem not control it, children of God are standing up, while the masses just rest, waiting for something to happen, don’t see much reason in all that, just a repeat of the former tribulations, Can’t imagine the consequences of ignorance, too late to plead when wisdom is ignored, amen.

The good souls are crying out, the believer are on the move, platitudes and pitiful offerings wont suffice, the damage has been intense, the pressure on all that is good, it all points in one direction, a radical upheaval of all that is unwell, and you don’t have to wonder what that means, see the children and the lives they live, see the people and the excuses they have, continuous circle of sameness and outcomes, the obvious needs forgotten and overlooked, well, when wisdom is not put to use, what sort of result do you have, amen., check the image in the sky, it’s something you should not ignore or forget the way you never forget levi’s 501.Image


First Interview with another Human

I have been writing about life, and acquired wisdom along the way, passed it on, and continue to do so, have seen the man in the clouds, have the T shirt as well, anyway, i made my debut as a writer, i got interviewed, see what you think

The Bland Leading the Blind

Two by two, children and mothers, guards welcoming, in the beginning, at the end different, no luggage, it’s a shower mother, as lady enquires, children fraught, hungry as well, food afterwards, so they understand, shuffle along, smoke billows out, doors close behind, fifteen minutes, it’s all over, corpse on corpse, suffering over. The story of Auschwitz, in case you forget, but there is hope, even in the worst situations, assuming you believe in God, assuming you believe in Old Rome, Babylon and Egypt, the Twin Towers, Battle of the Somme, Genocide in Rwanda, The Many Millions murdered in wars, the slave workers, the imprisoned sex workers, the unjustly imprisoned, there is hope, hard to believe it, in all these situations, there is real hope, two jet planes land on water, no injuries, there is hope.

Eternity is that, all time forever, it’s God’s promise. Much suffering is outlined above, for some it was years, others a day, others a moment, some a lifetime, not ignoring their inner pain, the tragedy of it all, the repetitive nature of human life, we have repeated the above, and done probably worse, in the last ten years, whether we want  reminding, as they say in the business world, we have consolidated our position, made our position more secure, strengthened our hold, on whatever it is we hold dear, fear maybe and control?.

I have the image of the Man in the Sky, it’s time to have a good long gaze at it, not from a religious perspective, we all support political parties, but the perspective of love on Earth, amen. You call fill in the blanks later. I have a set of five.ImageJoe

Pure Tone



Neil young loves pure tone, called making an honest sound, as created by the musician, not the sound machine made, one is human the other technical, spin doctors truth versus reality, reality does but does not serve truth, ignorance is blissful when spun, the lipstick on his collar the dog’s, the return on the pension generous, pure truth we need more of it, white knuckles on the steering wheel, hatred in the minds of children, medication pills for the lunch time break, insurance for every sort of calamity, ballet classes for the children, it helps their deportment actually, busy lifestyles filling in every second, schedules plans and controllable people, pure rubbish and entrapment, amen.