We’ll report you….

The great fear of the dispossessed, the fear of betrayal, well, if I report you, he drops the words casually, she wonders if he is serious, he knows exactly the anxiety he is causing,and the fear, he wants control, she does as she is told, can’t win this argument, not yet. If only, there were more Samaritans, well, if this applies to you, there is great help out there. This form of threat and abuse, is being dealt with,compassionately, it’s in the pages, and the good women of the world, are not putting up with it. Trust has been replaced with fear, that’s just a tool, the extremists have been using, and cause it’s mainstream, it’s impossible to forget. When your emotionally wounded, it’s not possible to think objectively, but relax, there is a huge amount of help out there, AND major signs are arriving from Heaven, yes, the words of the prophets are on many lips, and there is huge fear now, among those who do harm, amen.


Need to find love, head the internet way. Credit card, the product is a bargain, you are ready to press the purchase button, the first numbers of the card are entered; Stop and think, it’s safer to use a payment system than give them your personal card details.

She opens up online,what’s the harm, she has a cat. he does too, she drives an old vintage car, so does he, she laughs when he tells her the story of the time his car broke down and he had to wait overnight, wow,serendipity, It happened to her too. We have connected she sighs.

Got her credit card name, her address,all we need is her number, we ca use her ID, how many cats does she have, four his accomplices say.One by one they extract the information, the more emotional the victim the easier the take, amen

THE Tragedy of Religions

It’s tragic to think, so many blessings are lost everyday, and it’s even worse to think, that religions, themselves, are the major cause of it. The intolerance the created within their flocks, was the same as the racist qualities that infected children, who unknowing to themselves, absorbed the habits of those around them. As the old Chinese philosopher said in the mid 16th century,

“there is nothing more destructive, than a bad man with a good reputation”

Turning a religion into a political party, is incompatible, if serving God is the goal. Politics divides people, those of God, are supposed to unite people, it’s that simple. How can God trust those in power, if they have a history of abusing power, or if they have made deals with anyone who furthers their cause, regardless.

A good teacher demands feedback, otherwise, its a case of the blind leading the blind. Personally, how others treat you, is more important. As Jesus said to the boys all those years ago, and to the girls, be good Samaritans.