Sunshine Boy

The eyes of the Eternal, on the lights of this world, the children find a little joy, don’t let them down, the prophet sighs, the box of news, the old sage and the words, you won’t hear them too often, not from the inside, obviously enjoys happy children amen.

The blue looks, is that, the wheel in his hands, i’m driving this thing, can’t even roll a nappy, but knows how to maneuver the car, goes round and round, down narrow lanes, the audience, who is the one guiding him, the old joke, the pope on the motorway at the wheel, in the back seat another, they ask, whom is the pope driving around, a nice party joke, amen.

Does the AI computer and stuff, does is do humor yet, amen.

The rules sometimes have to be obeyed, but there are exceptions. The Old Pope, with choices, surrounded by those whom he has to chose from, stop says the voice, if they are man made rules, he has options, amen.


High Noon

Can you imagine art being banned, what sort of man was, Edgar Hoover, the witch hunt, listen, names do have meanings and people are mislead, the spirit of error, it’s written in the holy books, amen. It’s not black and white, the meaning some apply to the holy words, it’s why some are called steps, they are just to encourage, while the application of the Jesus way, adds understanding, or as Esdras was told, when writing the books, some were to be given away in terms of understanding while others were to be held back for the times that they are most needed, amen.

Cooper is a frightened man, the bad men are back, to the money changers in the arena, it’s a return to the times, the gold was about, and there was money to be made, while the preacher was saying, was it safe for women walking on the streets. How wonderful, the ways the Holy Words are taught in such an informative and interesting way, the Mighty One aware of men and how the effort to control, would be part of their make-up for all sorts of reasons. Anyway, the wife in the movie, A Quaker, a woman by faith determined never to get into violence, she comes to the rescue, she ignores some of the teaching for the greater cause. something the fundamentalists ought to learn, amen.

In the story, those who appear to be lost, or less able, come to assist the Sheriff, Will, a job he could have walked out on, but the Good shepherd does not let the flock down, amen, and they banned the movie, and used an Irishman of good standing to do their dirty work, listen, amen.

Let the Balloon down slowly

You are coming off the stuff, whatever, the need to reduce, the reality, you can change things, but don’t expect to attempt it in one day, few can do that. The imagery, the tv of old, the need to be aware, then the ratings war, then the need to keep up, then the pressure, the need to lay off, will I be caught up in that, the framing of thoughts and words, what doe that mean, the horrible coincidence, the misuse of words, the zealots, how some prey on those who have the pharisee notion of old, Jesus reminds us all, it’s not their habits that are worth following, its the correct use of the words.

The prophet sighs, one line of code is all it takes, one prayer, one straw on the camels back, why does Jesus say, the first thought matters, amen. Fasting from all that is hateful, leaves room for bright things, space in the inside, the healthy warning, amen.

High Noon, possibly the greatest film in parable form, what happened to the director?

Why was High Noon blacklisted?

Foreman had once been a member of the Communist party, but he declined to identify fellow members or anyone he suspected of current membership. As a result, he was labeled an “uncooperative witness” by the committee, making him vulnerable to blacklisting.

Be careful, see what came thereafter, a lot of war encouraging stories and nationalism, amen.

Les Miserables

Timeless classic, the words, a parable, the ways of the world, described in words, brought to life, in musical form, the Crawford experience, the tenderness of the voice, the vocal harmony, how it lifted everyone, hearts that were lost, found again, how Victor Hugo, gave life to so much hop in words, and Lloyd Weber, the music of the night, how it soothes the aching heart, recall the great composers, where they came from, the experiences they went through, trying to bring the world together, how they Honor the One who gave the talents out, think of the harvest, when you listen and or read the words, amen.

The effort to keep us connected to the light, so many out there, on a daily basis, trying to hold onto it, that inner feeling, while others try to tear you away from believing. The Prophet sighs, the trials of Jesus, under constant scrutiny, they, the spiritual guides of the times, looking for holes in the argument, like torpedoes trying to sink the boat of hope, and what does Jesus say of those that oppress you, for having Faith in Him, and The One true God, you are blessed in other words, hang on, the reward set out for you, is eternal, amen.

The apostles are on the lake, a storm arises, the boss is at the back of the boat, trying to get some rest, what are they worrying about, the sleep broken, would you have faith, the storm, slows, wind calms, and they wonder, who is this, the power of words and music, that calm the inner self, listen, amen.

Head space

Right thinking person encounters ill thinking soul, dropped into their life scene. The harmony that was, is turned upside down, the right thinking person is grabbing for the oars to escape the intrusion. He finds his solace in the words of Jesus, and is soon in command of himself again. I thought that was a friend, but he soon realizes, she was an attempt to unhinge his well being, no friend at all.

Solomon wondered if those who encouraged such intrusions in life had any idea of the Heavenly power that exists, or the reality, that the Kingdom of God had arrived, why else would they be trying to disturb the spirit. On a global scale, it made him wonder at the propaganda poured into the minds of millions daily. It’s easy to upset those already hurting. Turn them into babbling fools Dear Father, those who try to disturb the Spirit.

Like Isaiah, Solomon’s prayers reached the heavenly powers. He hoped those who upset the spirit had read about the Golden Prophet, whom Jesus referred to regularly, amen.