Welfare God

Left school early

didn’t wanted to,

too young,

hard to handle

the fear when

you’re little dear,

to find love

she grabbed anywhere,

now on welfare

three mouths to feed,

on social security

they call her thrash

on account of her life,

nothing going in her world

only her fears,

relies on others

in the same position

we all need friends

we gravitate to same,

wasn’t her plan

she wasn’t to blame

a sweet young girl,

the absence of love

she lived in fear

and the fear of emotions,

tossed out into a world

with the vulnerable anywhere,

not three thousand miles away

it’s your town story

not far from the front door,

meanwhile an elite

spell bound grabbing wealth

they find the support

from other wnnabe’s

want the same as them,

crazy world and children exposed

do they wonder about God,

his reputation thrashed

in the wounded heart

of the welfare mother

with her legs in the air,

alcohol  numbed

in the pain and the fear,

cause nobody listened

or saw the tears roll from her eyes,

God Most high sees differently

titans are going to bleed,

it’s in the sky 


The New Coliseum Rules

God takes his seat,

Peter joins him,

Below row by row

The true saints,

Trumpet sounds

Shrikes and cries

Enter the dragons

No fangs no teeth

Trembling all alone

Any redeeming qualities

Lives flash before them

Tears terror horror

Total greed selfishness

Deception and hatred

Any redeeming qualities

Peter shakes his head

Nothing I can do

Ground opens up

Swallowed up disappears

Next please

Advertising Industry,

Banking industry

Same situation

Same treatment

Same result

Least no crying children

In new coliseum rules


Jesus The Rebel

Going for shower,

washing the face,

breakfast on table,

 ready for the race,

office  an hour away,

 bus ride

 head space,

boss a grumpy bastard,

soon it’s lunchtime,

time for friends

eat and chat away,

back to the office,

waiting for next moment,

soon heading home,

tired and sweaty,

your back in


washing away

settle down TV on,

hour later bed,

sleep eight hours,

alarm clock call,

go round again,

turn radio on,

hear a preacher’s saying,



it’s your life,

do it your way,

 grab the breakfast,

throw it out the wndow,

back to bed,

feck the boss,

tired of being dead,

welcome to the new world,

your alive at last,

in great company,

jesus a rebel,


Titans have the blues



Manic news readers tense,

white knuckle news,

panicky responses from politicians,

everyone has the blues,

question after question,

answers critical public say,

behind the  spin doctors drool,

another half cocked story,

meat for those that deceive,

public what you ask,

 they ever contact you,

 one day they might,

child dies tragically,

school mourns counselors

all on TV of course,

looks good on paper

but nowhere else,

been like this for years

 Control and control,

same again everywhere,

shutting out the truth,

 it’s hard to surmount,

did you hear about JFK,

che Guevara martin luther king ghandi,

the list is endless,

 many try so few get through,

examples everyday everywhere,

 titans rule they say,

not anymore I  assure you.

 dead weight of wealth,

 a rope around their necks

 the numbers don’t lie,

 they are appearing from the sky,

like those sub prime mortgages,

they offered to the very poor,

at least we’ll get commission,

children left homeless

won’t be easily ignored,

now titans have the blues,

it’s all going to be ok,

Imagewisdom speaking,