NO Foundations

Am I a visitor here looking for way home,  everywhere I look, ego and fantasy, the meaning of Babylon I suppose, this is no lament, purely an honest observation, hard drugs available everywhere, large numbers depressed, love even harder to find. I was visited by holy spirit, really, discovered wisdom, and the growing threat of demons, where everyone seeks excuses, someone to blame, other than themselves. Love as Leonard Cohen says is all that will survive us. What has to happen is a new outlook, respect for love not the abuse it.

Solomon was saying it straight, if more and more become lost, all those marvellous ego’s will be worth nought. And I haven’t mentioned Donald trump once.

New times a coming

The great truth they tried to hide, mask it blind it disguise it,, Solomon read the signs, sun arrived. As the shield of deception came down, the light rushed it, demons caught again, a busy year for all that is good. Another battle won, well you can’t loose, when great spirit is on your side. Amen