The amount of machinery around the bed, it’s hard to see what is behind it, then the smell, that clean feeling, sterile, pure clean, the nurse beside the bed, the rustle of the book she is reading, aloud, as if the woman in the bed can hear, even though she hasn’t been able to talk for years, seeing that she is in a coma.. The angel watches the intercourse between the visitors and the room. There are an inordinate amount of holy relics in the room, obvious to all, the woman in the bed is thought of as being spiritual. What if her inner thoughts could be funneled, used elsewhere.

What creates inner harmony, that feeling of well being. You don’t need a cult to remind you, that you need to take care of yourself, and that putting yourself first is the way to go, that’s how the lost are lost, they believe it’s all about themselves.

Einsteins, genius, great minds, powerful hearts, inspired, their lives, imagine them all being born again, in the talents that are disbursed, and blessings, that only the light inspires.

The signal is picked up, the Spirit leaves the body, taking with it, many great blessings, all waiting to be distributed, to others chosen to receive them. as the saying goes, the more accidents you have, the greater the premium you have to pay, amen. Imagine the heart beating, and with every beat,sending out a pulse, to another heart, that takes the beat, and moves it along, until it covers the earth, just think about it, the hidden gifts inside us, amen.

Solomon sighed, many feared a return to old fears, the bullying that was daily, the fear their children had to face, apart from trying to focus on a good education. Dear Father in Heaven, many are calling out in this confused world, where old fears simmer, deliver us they pray, from those who harm our children, please. Solomon reread the words, he had enough written to mine the Atlantic from any harm, but what good am I or anyone else, if I ignore the need at home. The log in the eye parable, it all comes back to Jesus, amen.