Dot Dot Dot…

The unseen becomes life, the unseen causes death, as for Faith, it’s an invisible gift. Solomon was reading the ancient scriptures, the story of the mustard seed, and how Jesus told his apostles; all you need is a faith the size of a mustard seed, the smallest of all seeds, and when you have that faith, anything is possible. In the context of today, the worry over the corona virus, and how what is invisible to the eye, and impossible to see unless under the microscope, can be so lethal, it only reinforces the power in those original words, as spoken. Faith depends on deeds of course, as without them, your faith is mere words.

Solomon was reflecting on how the smallest bits in creation have such a huge impact on our lives; the story of the bee one more example, the plankton that the huge whales depend upon; in a nutshell what is tiny can be both life saving and life destroying; perhaps it’s another reference to the delicate nature of the Spirit, and how easily it is disturbed.

life begins from the tiniest of sources, yet carries with it the experience of other generations, as the habits molded

their in, reflect so much of life in the past; how it is possible. Then to compare with human folly; how so many boast of what is common and meaningless; amen.


State Sponsored Terror

how often in movies, we see those working for the state, abuse use and take advantage of the vulnerable, pressuring the weak until they break, the story of betrayal the same one Jesus faced, and it’s the same today, and it’s accepted now as almost normal, as those with wealth deem it foolish, to question the motives and actions, of those so called leaders, less they loose out themselves. 30% of the russian wealth is in the hands of 100 people, so much for communism and all the diatribe they spun for years, and the silence of hams who button the lip, in case the state sponsored terror is used against them. God Most High is aware of the motives and actions of all, and warned us accordingly down through the years, hoping one day we’d listen and turn to his ways. Are we living in Babylon times, it appears so in many places, ask “lot”, wondered what he’d have to say.