Give Thanks – a re blog

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day; yesterday’s post is still on my mind. I’m grateful for the poem that was in me, grateful for words to tell you about this episode in my professional life, and grateful to be who I was and still am. A tough old cookie. A highly sensitive and intuitive wise woman. A […]

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The Wall that Donald built!

Artwork by JR Known for his colossal-sized installations, French artist JR is currently working on this large piece on the Mexican side of the US/Mexico border. JR posted the ‘work in progress’ photo to his Facebook and Instagram pages yesterday, along with an earlier photo below showing the supporting structure being built. …

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God Calls Pete


God calls St.Peter,

decision time,

wants a report,

angel has been sent,

royal Guard,

God’s personal assistant,

beautiful spirit,

away ten years,

clocks counted down,

number within reach,

ticking time bomb,

each time it does,

soul dies or revives,

goes left or right,

over and back,

moving in direction,

position is precarious,

world hangs or survives,

scenario’s danger laden,

extension the best outcome,

mothers mentally battered,

children beyond repair,

love dying everywhere,

time to address the issue,

women in despair,

wisdom needed,

holy warriors prepared,

screams of horror,

abusers run terrified,

fists of God smash,

evil in despair,

more warnings,