The Great Promise

I will send the Holy Spirit, he will come and tell you the words, you will be defended, nobody, no power on earth, can overcome the Spirit that I will send. The apostles look at each other, great, I hope he is not telling us lies. Jesus raises the eyebrow, they will get it eventually, he has much to do, but he told them, it will be okay. Two thousand years ago, what a promise… many years later, struggling writer is at the desk….

The Spirit arrives, he writes a few cures, it begins to happen, he can find the words, they just come, incredible. It’s real, praise the lord he smiles, his fingers on the keyboards, you mean you can write a better future, Yes you can, amen. Better wish carefully, amen.


So much news, so much hurt, a man is shot, police are blamed, it’s a race issue, the usual suspects say, meanwhile, a few hours away, hundreds of thousands, men women and children live in fear, the town of Aleppo, Syrian war casualties don’t seem to count anymore. The rocket to the moon is ready sir, we can even take photos of anywhere on earth, the excited president moves in, our technology is able to do this, what pride what intelligence he sighs,

he is watching images from space, it’s the save the rhino satellite images, the viewfinder moves, it’s a smoldering heap rubble and dust, the bodies of dead children visible on the earth, he sighs, our technology also did this. Solomon listened to the preacher, the people of Aleppo need our prayers, wasn’t it time for a miracle he prayed, a sign of divine intervention, a plane crash lands and all are saved, burst into flames, God acts in mysterious ways, reform.