a letter to Pope Francis

Dear Holy Father,

It’s not often we get to hear the truth these days, and no one is to blame,we got lost it seems. Now, today, we have the opportunity to show our true selves, a chance to regain our footing in the Holy Kingdom. Many are crying out, and many souls leaving their bodies at this time,are bringing home to God Most High, their life experiences, so you can imagine, as the prophet Esdras reported, a number will be reached, when the hearts mold into one, thereby establishing Heaven on earth.

How often do we take reports from underlings,and treat them as pure truths, too often. In a nutshell, we need you to be as brave as David on the morning he faced Goliath. The signs are all there, and we have all to be brave. Jesus told all, showed all,the power and mercy of God, Now we on earth must recreate that Spirit;the space within. Hope all goes well,amen.

India, America, Off shore finance, and I can go to the beech….

Freedom, I am allowed to meet my friends, freedom, I can visit friends, freedom, there are many meanings to the word, but will the world ever be as it was, pre virus, will there be a lasting legacy, since us humans are prone to emotional inputs, your life is at threat, it’s a big question, everyone for themselves,well, my life is more important than yours, hello, they have just issued a decree, you can go for a swim too, meanwhile, they search for oxygen, just to grasp some relief, many ask, how did it come to this.

Off shore finance, the wealthy list is published, is it the ring the bells moment, any tact, one post shows the price of teenage girls in South America, you ask, what message are they trying to sell, people are dying, it’s no conspiracy, mother earth wins the Irish 1,000 guineas, meanwhile there is post after post about the oxygen crisis; if they can send men and women into space, surely everyday problems such as oxygen supplies, is basic, amen.

Human industry, we have talents, used, solutions, why the constant fear, there has to be a simple answer, space. The Year of 2020 vision, it could not have been any clearer, the beech though, friends excited, fun, we haven’t met for awhile, freedom, what else is there to fill the minds with.

Solomon recalled the readings of old, and the deep truth, a time when Faith was strong, leaders leading, not building empires, there was respect for God, had anyone read Isaiah lately, if they hadn’t they should. Jesus read the text regularly, is quoted, as if pointing us in that direction, Had there ever been so many weather changes in so short a time, amen.


Your thoughts matter, your inner well being too, the unwanted stuff, those resentments, the dark feelings, those enlightened, already know this, but who knows why? Recent science informs us, of the power of thought. Jesus confirmed this 2,000 years before. In these times of mistrust, and weird news, conspiracy, who can hold a thought for long, before one is made to doubt. If you look at the last five years, it’s been a roller coaster, of bullying news, it’s all lies, i never said this, all Mexicans are, i never said that, well, when you hear so much contradictory news, almost daily now, who believes in anyone?.

The big noise, will he get off the TV, he is noisier than before, can’t believe he said that too, is the wig real or fake hair, does everyone in America live in a gold plated house, did Jesus go around waving books in the air, confusion. Meanwhile new science has found the God Particle, and with it, the science world has admitted, there are invisible sources of energy, which they can’t measure, but only identify. This admittance of consciousness, the combined power of thought, gives further meaning to the teachings of old. Apart from this life being a stop only, not an end to the journey, it should waken up those in Spiritual matters, as to full meanings of Jesus, and the power of the Spirit,from above.

Fear, Jesus reminds us, there is nothing to fear, no one, only the One who can transform the fate of the soul, after passing. Outsiders winning everything, wisdom from so many sources, signs, revelations, no wonder so many are speechless, amen.

The Virus Story…

over a year of disturbance, limited movement, having to live with oneself, no escape route, isolate and live, the numbers disturbing, but there is an upside. Considering the huge numbers of people of head medication, there must be huge issues lying in wait for so MANY OF US.

The virus story, the world slows down, and all the stuff that had been swept under the carpet becomes visible, along with the deep seated hurt so many store inside,from generations of systemic abuse, only the world stopping for awhile, has given us a chance for a happier future.

The real winners, the new generation, who wanted desperate environmental change, amen. Mother nature, sighs with relief; they have changed their focus from making money, to saving their living environment, should we be getting awards for trying to save ourselves?

Trials, the Cross, all those hardships, is there more….

So many died in this war, so many died in that struggle, blood, misery, loss, the growth of hatred, racism, the color bias, your standing in society, your economic clout, corrupt leaders, lost minds, babbling leaders, women seeking justice, color now another war zone, extremists talking up hatred, the electric highway a free for all, news at the ready every hour from every space on the planet, an environmental crisis, children beginning to recover from a very stress filled existence,many people confused as regards their own identify, a cartoon character president, while there are those who blind themselves to any issue that disrupts their focus on success, while others dream of life millions of miles away, while many on earth struggle to eat, does that sum up the current state of our creativity, the mess we all created, which the current health crisis tells us, is not a local issue, but a global issue, is there more?.

New horizons, we need to move forward, there is a lot of baggage to park, and dump safely, not like those rust buckets they send to third world countries,where there are no environmental laws at all, legally correct might look good in an audit report, but that’s all, in the new horizons, won’t the different environmental reports be now the new standard, or will it be more of the past, while waiting for the next wave.

New Horizons, will we commemorate war and death,or will we gather to remind ourselves, that war doesn’t work. There is conflict, it’s very Jewish in action, eye for an eye, the get even principle, the antithesis of Peace, amen. AS the Russians would say, such a policy leaves everyone blind eventually, is this what happened, all the stuff we can’t forgive, why do we set it up so,

Solomon sighed, even the apostles found the teaching of Jesus difficult at times; forgiveness especially, but Jesus also told them, that when they had the Spirit with them, there were wonders they too could perform, even doing the miracles to ease their minds, rubbishing the fear that had a hold over them….So why is there suffering, some have suffered for centuries, some are still waiting, why we ask. When do we appreciate love, its usually after it’s fled, the contrast, Jesus was and is a paradox, no idols he stressed, while we made an idol of him, while he points to the Father. So, what is the lesson. As the smiling doctor will tell you, it takes so much energy being miserable, while light never burdens. In a nutshell, as we shed light on all these old horrors, we release the hurt stored inside, while freeing up space for what is light bearing, just a thought…


Looking for God in all the wrong places, where must he be, {sex doesn’t matter before the protest}, looking for God, did he put that building up, that said, women enter by the side entrance men use the front door, well, there are associations of people who have strange rules that favor men a little, however, if you think about it, {in some old writings women are more highly favored than men, maybe this soft gloves treatment is a way of making up to them a little?}, after all, there is very little a man can do, without a woman.

Rules, even the old books tell us, these are all add ons, when it comes to the actual truth. The where to look, another group promises salvation, they are all well dressed, adds to the attraction, another group promises devotion to poverty, another group promises to murder evil, the promises add up, the confusion grows, the extremists get in on the act, moving sheep is a busy opportunity, same as the old cow and horse movies, the sheep are loose, the thieves arrive, this is just common sense. The flock is looking left and right, where are the signs.

Isaiah has the content, you have to pick up the book, it’s not an offence to seek wisdom, and most of the wisdom worth repeating, is in them old books, how you react to good advice, is a matter of taste; those with an interest in learning will look for themselves and learn on the double too, so where is God hiding tonight. Have you arranged a load of distractions so as to be too busy, too tired perhaps, it’s easy to fall off the path, then have to admit, that you need to do it again. Have you created a wall between yourself and God, just to pretend, in order not to have to prove it to yourself? Afraid to deal with it, that what you hide inside yourself, your less than good ways.

Solomon sighed; so many seeking the inner peace, yet refusing to clean up inside first,amen.


A young mother, a poor education, no emotional home, gravitates to those who accept her, their life style becomes her, she is old but is young, already caught up in another world. Escaping seems easy, finding a refuge,harder. Your so good looking,a nice smile too, is that all they see. On the radio another mouth is heard, the same one that is always seeking praise for itself, well, esteem needs to be pushed to galactic levels these days. Whats a million, poop money, lets get real, keep them focused on envy, they will never escape it.

He hunts, likes playing the hunter, the thrill of feeling superior. Superior at creating mass hardship, they were folks just like the grand parents, how it’s easy to steal without risks, the lawyer says it’s legal too. All acknowledged believers, awards to their names, the seal is valued. Even if the roman empire has disappeared, why not go through the process again.

Why did you leave here alone; The questions you are faced with, he is trying to explain himself away, the hunter is about to get caught and knows it. Finally he admits the crime; it was so long, not having anyone to torment. Everyone blames covid, don’t they.

When you learn to forgive, as Jesus preached, you remove the threat of the demons,as they no longer have a hold over you, amen.

A Bag of Chips

On a diet, food is what you call it, something to eat, the new covid thing, patience, but there are benefits for those most at risk in the normal world. Trafficking of women is down, there is less fear, fewer travel to abuse children, it might not seem much, but if you are a victim and afraid of those networks,their talons everywhere you tell yourself, the scars you have inside, the constant legacy, a bag of chips can mean so much.

As for the aftermath, now that the interest in the lower regions have been dampened, perhaps the human race will exceed itself,amen. Space, too close, move off, those diseases that are passed on, and the growth of divine influence. Those Heavenly sentinels report back; they seem to be improving, the Boss sighs, they better keep it up. He checks his watch, each day an extension, each day a little more progress and the occasional bag of chips too.

The door doesn’t ring so often, she goes to the doctor less, the fear of getting an infection lessens. Yes, in her heart she knows that God exists, and that alone satisfies her heart, and the occasional bag of chips.


Was it Moses in the tent, man, there are stories. 23,000 fall dead in the desert, buildings crumble, pilgrims are frightened, and shown the evidence if they open their mouths, well, if you see a row of people hanging from cross’s while you make your way to town, it triggers the fear factor. A father has a very dark secret, most of them in fact, they are tough on law breakers, they put up a front, they don’t want anyone to dig, their habits, well, that was on holiday, we are home now, that was then, of course we all need to be forgiven, otherwise we destroy everything, eventually it’s down to one, then the eureka moment, what if we learnt to forgive. Apart from Jesus and his wise words, Only God is perfect.

12 months of covid restrictions, time to examine ourselves. Our habits restricted, the sickness moves through the air, and our hygiene habits the major part of the solution. In these times, all that free time, a chance to consider, the higher options, the signs appearing, the convergence of so many anniversaries, from the biblical times, the words of prophets. our Spiritual well being, how we treat others, the lack of rush in the morning,children enjoying the drama, children always do, man have we learned anything.

A man is crushed inside, he is lost to the world, his life journey overturned, a single moment of madness, she invited the pitiful soul to live with her, he killed her afterwards, the risk she took, he’s dangerous they all said. A preacher goes to the assistance of a woman and child, both neglected emotionally, a chain of emotion is created, it’s impossible to love with a cold and empty heart. The words are easily said, the actions are a more difficult thing.

2021, so much baggage, so much uncovered, the salacious gossip, the old ways quickly become us, all those thoughtful sentiments, forgotten, same as what happened when Moses came back from the mountain and found them worshiping a gold calf. Man, stories are told to remind us, while those who judge from seemingly high positions in society, ought to remind themselves, how they judge is how they will be judged.

Solomon sighed; there were children of God and children of the demon, written 2,000 years ago; who do we follow in these times, who do we want to be Man?

Focus in times of virus….

Laid up in hospital, nothing to do, hopefully you will recover, the advice of the physician, the nurse who comes when your buzzer goes off, time to eat, time to take your medication. She is on a visit to see her grandfather. Down the corridor and second room to the left, she breezes along. A big smile is prepared before she enters the room, she wonders what form he will be in, he is a grumpy sort, but kind. Doesn’t fire but straight.

Hi she says, big smile on her face, she is wearing the obligatory mask, she pulls it aside while she bends to kiss him on the forehead, why are you wearing that he remarks, wheezing, nearly out of breath, the lungs not as strong as they used to be. He is approaching ninety, has been through the second world war, Korea, Vietnam, an army vet as the experience tells you.

We all have to wear them now, it’s the law.

It takes your mind off the other stuff he replies.

What do you mean by that she says. …

He drifts off to sleep, she leaves him to have the quite moment, she waits. He is in a dream, it’s not dreaming, he is a boy again, on summer retreat with friends, the two week camp they used to have during the summer break. Climbing walls, chasing cows, trying to climb the neighbors apple trees without getting caught, playing cowboys and Indians. She watches the expression change on his face, the array of smiles, what gives him the thrill, he is old, the life he lived, she can only imagine. Suddenly he wakes up, he is shocked to see her still there.

you must have been dreaming she says.


You have a smile on your face, I was watching you.

Oh that he says.

there was a time when…

Children played, they slept in the same bed, teenagers, went about together during the day, no anxiety, no stressed parents, no one anxious, no one concerned with predators, no thoughts such as these existed whatsoever. He rambles on. and water you could drink from the tap, that was till they modernized it all. He looks at her.

She thinks, old man, what does he know.

I think it’s time to go she says. She pushes her mask to the side, tips his forehead with his lips, see you soon she says, whatever he replies.

later, she retells the story of the visit to her sister, how was he she says. He will live to a hundred, but I didn’t like the creepy stares of the male nurse, he scared me. What do you mean.

Solomon sighed, the difference in the ages, and the imaginings in the mind. The stuff that is fed into them, and the anxieties that last forever. The virus was a topic of conversation all over the world. It refocused the minds on the living.