Memories and coping with pain….

This is not about domestic violence, thankfully, awareness grows by the hour, and the consequences, felt by those who care, just an aside, no prophet ever advised violence when in a teaching room or home either, no where in fact, in case your a victim or perpetrator. If the emotions are too much,seek help, there is great help everywhere now, don’t allow those who hold you prisoner, emotionally,financially or otherwise, get the better of you, since fear is so overwhelming, when you’ve been a victim of it. Rejoice, the signs from above, from Heaven, are everywhere, look up, that tyrant you’ve been living with, is about to get a reminder, amen.

So back to memories; your living in great pain,it hurts almost to breathe, can hardly move the limbs, and when they ache, its worse than a migraine, believe it or not, there is help, oh yeah, well,if your reading this still, you are seeking a remedy, or perhaps, your truly, ALTRUISTIC, you want to pass on good advice to those who suffer, always worth doing, considering the blessings that flow from acts of compassion. So back to pain,golly, this ache is getting worse, so your still reading, how am I going to deal with this, simply. Pain, is the now feeling, love is the eternal feeling, and love helps us endure, first step,amen.

My Struggle

Empty, fear filled, the phone rings, her heart is thrilled, a friend, someone to listen to, thank you God she pleads, her anxieties answered, correctly,for once. She has been trying to get rid of the impostor for a week, she’s a vulnerable young woman, her social skills, under developed. Too young, too young, she didn’t learn the way she ought. The void, it has to be filled, it’s not a song either, this is real. What’s in it for me, the thought never entered her heart, not once. I have to get dressed, her mood is totally different from moments before. She no longer feels alone. I gave so much for you, she looks at the ceiling, where were you, she is talking to her imaginary God, she ends the thought.

An unsteady hand applies lipstick, it’s crayon on the face,as a child would do, smeared. The panda bear mascara gives her a comic Gothic look. The walk is unsteady, the nerves in her feet, altered, too much alcohol, but she is trying to deal with it. She has the ability to overcome it,but like all traumatized souls, she needs a little help. Her head held high, she is going to do it.

The grey shows through the hair, she can’t afford a full hair do, and the dye she applies when she is able, is not always, fully applied, but she tries.

Solomon sighed, it was the remembrance day of a friend or two, those you meet along the way. Those in between moments, the gap as they call it, it’s the same with the movies, the story develops, incidents. She always set aside time for others more vulnerable than herself, and everyone who knew her, knew that too, they will come to help, they are great on human rights, well, so they tell their pals, and their opinions, they consider important, same as the mirror they stare into each morning.

My struggle he said, what struggle, brought back to life, more escapes than Houdini, at least the demons he encountered had been dealt with, and with a prayer, he could send them into a spin,same as the light from above, wisdom, you got to love her. How we get through life, without having to take advantage of another, a very difficult exercise.

Jesus called out hypocrisy, regularly, would there be any faith left he asked, when the great return occurred. Well.


He says it with flowers. Honey, I’m home he shouts rushing in the door. He doesn’t want to linger too long, that will mean, questions. She pokes her head out the kitchen door, had a busy day dear she says, he drops his briefcase on the floor, glances a kiss, more of a lick, as he brushes past her, then heads up the stairs. Roast beef she says, I thought I smelled it at the door, hope you didn’t burn it this time dear, his response. Some writers love to give directions, but really, there is only the two of them, no need to point out, he is talking to her, even if he is having a go at her. Wound her bit by bit, she won’t even notice and like all domestic abuse victims, she will blame herself. Did I not know him, she is good at taking responsibility for her decisions.

He wants a quick shower, back to the office, work is a great excuse, who can blame him for that, well, how do I pay the bills, he has a Rolodex of answers at the ready,cute hoor. I don’t want the sauce to thicken, she stirs it continuously. The table is set for a romantic dessert. She wants to make it up to him, she has put on weight, so he said, she wants to be better.

New set of clothes, hair wet, nice after shave she says, smelling him before she see’s him. I thought we’d have a.. He cuts her off mid sentence. You went to an awful lot of trouble he says. It wasn’t what he said on the first date, she turns around, a smile on her face, the sauce of the right consistency, guey but not stickey, if that’s how you describe it. I’ll make it up to you, what she says. Keys in hand, he is already at the door. Tokyo time darling, you know how it is.

She sits alone at the table. All her effort, wasted, another downer. Maybe I’m depressed she says to herself, well, that’s what her emotional hit man told her. The wine in the cabinet, I need something she says out loud. He sniggers to himself. He is listening to her on his phone, spyware, so easy to undermine anyone.

Solomon sighed, what strange times. The good will always be good, those that are evil will always be evil, and it will be like this until the great change, hang on, amen. it’s happening, the change, a galactic sigh of relief. When your emotional, your easily fished, amen.



Frustration, we can get through this, the stock market is falling and the traders are falling like flies, the investors are not so easily bought, and those phone calls no longer work, they have other matters on their minds, what a lot of grief, can’t pump the stock and convince someone anymore.

Religious barter, wars and indifference, there has to be a solution to all this. Well I am not willing to share, lets get a third opinion. They buy the opinion of the expert to give them the opinion they want. They know it’s all lies, but the expert gave them the nod, and his testimony is on record. At the worst, they will blame the expert, and they will try another way, determined to get their way, one way or another.

The approval of the religious gave the fanatics the licence for war. Who was going to disagree, the weight of the opinion, you’d be a fool to go against him. Solomon sighed, the replacement of the opinions that went against the trend, same as the spoiled child, who always had his will done.

Solomon sighed, men went to war, given the licence to kill, and when they needed rest, those that led them, gave them licence to pillage, enslaving women, well boys, you need to let the weapons down, go help yourself, those women can easily be replaced. This is not a diet of behaviour that can last. after a while, places became institutionalized, became places, where no spirit dared enter.

Paradise, Solomon smiled, what a dream. One, then two, then three, when we want to make it happen, we will start on the steps necessary. The world might have reversed into a cul de sac for awhile, but there wasn’t anything stopping a reversal of policy.

Jesus gave us fair warning of the efforts of those who held sway, who would try to stop all forms of change, that did not leave them in charge, he even laid out the steps. Eternal truths don’t come often, but Solomon could testify, the Spirit had arrived, and after wards, those of the other Spirit arrived, and tried to remove the inner peace, that gave the Spirit space. He had news for them, those who even dared attempt interfere with the Holy Spirit, it wasn’t forgivable to begin with, so says Jesus. Know your roots, amen.

Poisoning the Airways

Poisoning the airways

Poisoning the minds

It’s accountability time

Man tells honest story

State goes into attack mode

The truth doesn’t matter

Damage limitation exercise

They search for anything

Hoping for the worst

They manufacture evidence

Hope to stop the outpouring

God appears in the Sky,

Sends storms and more,

They are listening now,

Poisoning the world,

Poison the child,

They’ll soon fill with hate.

Well God Most High isn’t impressed,

Truth serum global change outlook

All over the entire world,

This has been the status,

Control control control,

Well that plan is as they say,

All, over over over, amen.Image