The dealers

Needles syringes lights theatre gowns made up.

This is not ER or one of those type studio’s

Another day in the life of a hospital theatre

Hard effort vocational minded professionals

No propaganda experts except those on the table


Small child bag on back off to school

No father figure hopes for teacher guide

Dropped off to school waves mammy goodbye

Tries hard winces when daddies come later by,

Why me he wonders how come I got none


Society daily reminds us of all our fears

Relentless and merciless ramps them up

Targets your needs with detail of fine surgeon

Hammers the message home day and night

Tomorrow there’s a new one like it or not


Young girl checks mirror pinches a spot

That’s better she now applies her make up

Ready for school she’s clever and understood

Teacher’s pet she’s got very high grades,

Her performance enhances school profile


God Most High in tears and very annoyed

Undermining constantly and fear guided

Mother nature being plundered everywhere

Excuses half solutions and great chat

Wonder what he’ll do about the dealersImage