Boy Buys Gun

You can’t be serious, paying fifty dollars for that; you can only get off a hundred rounds per second, a MP987 will do twice that. The boy sighs; you want to protect your family don’t you, the other kid nods, I’m listening his look says, give me more. Automatic cleaning and can run for three hours without heating up, which means you could hold off the army for at least three hours. Other kid does the math, for 24/7 cover, you’d need, he stops. I’ll take two he says. The other kid gives him two tokens, the game is on, it’s called boy buys Gun. In the old days, they played with toy pieces, men with rifles, plastic, games. Years later, they are watching the drama, when boys buy guns.

where do all those ideas come from, but who needs a rapid firing weapon; those in war zones I guess.

Climate Chimes

too many cows out there but we have to eat,

to many people living in fear there is no doubt,

too many children living without both parents,

too many women suffering all kinds of violence,

too man drugs available on every modern street,

climate change what do we mean about that?,

it appears to me he said with a very wry smile,

that climate change experts are totally clueless,

trying to alter what while ignoring all of that,