Boy Buys Gun

You can’t be serious, paying fifty dollars for that; you can only get off a hundred rounds per second, a MP987 will do twice that. The boy sighs; you want to protect your family don’t you, the other kid nods, I’m listening his look says, give me more. Automatic cleaning and can run for three hours without heating up, which means you could hold off the army for at least three hours. Other kid does the math, for 24/7 cover, you’d need, he stops. I’ll take two he says. The other kid gives him two tokens, the game is on, it’s called boy buys Gun. In the old days, they played with toy pieces, men with rifles, plastic, games. Years later, they are watching the drama, when boys buy guns.

where do all those ideas come from, but who needs a rapid firing weapon; those in war zones I guess.

Story of Christmas – Part 2

Part 2



We do not want to repeat the titanic experience – everyone for themselves. Going a step further, as in planting and reaping, I can state without exception, that while nature may provide you with the means to create the impossible from the most unlikely of sources, nurture is the key ingredient. To put things in a nutshell, we need to go back to our roots if we are to create the future we need, and not the future mess and tragedies we are so good at forecasting, it’s not all about money. Where’s the artic, will I go on!. Has anyone seen jane!

I have spent most my life seeking the good and the God in people, and I had plenty of bribe money to go with the journey, so attracting interest was never difficult, and so I journeyed well and learned, from conspiracy to murder, and new friends. Not all experience is bad. I learned that there are so many good people, so many who do so much without mention without seeking or needing  attention, record sales etc, and many waiting for godot too, very few certain, many fearful of other religions, too many divided, all because of politicised religions. In a world so divided it is no wonder human kind seeks survival when it used to seek friends, everyone is confused. Children are having children, they are subject to what any decent soul would assume is unforgivable, violent imagery televised daily, sexually themed stories, before they reach the age of five. It’s every where I hear you say, well, I don’t want to alarm you, but as Jesus himself, and all the other prophets, right up to this day, state, understanding without doing anything, is a recipe for disaster.

The world is in crisis, people and nations are in conflict, how’s your pension doing, did they evict you yet and all the time the titanic sails along, sinking so slowly, no one notices. It’s the result of religious differences sadly, not one, not all, but the mongrel approach we select, when choosing which version of god we choose to make our own as it agrees with our principles we hope, or the amount of knowledge we have, we all love to be important. 40-50% of web time, is spent viewing violence and sexual imagery, and no one says dot, we just repeat and repeat, repeat, so what being the attitude of most. What’s going on is out of control now. In order to pour wisdom on the situation, I started years ago, an effort to explain and understand, what is going on, purely for love and no other reason.


History of Christmas- Part 1 of 12




Much has been written about the sources of life on this planet. More has been written about the life of the one known as “Jesus of Nazareth”. Given the state of the world today and the many religious wars fought, either protecting it or promoting it, religion that is, a better understanding of Jesus is needed more today than ever before. Many prophets exist today, preaching and predicting. Condoning and conditioning, their own understanding of “Jesus Christ” their attraction, each one having a leaning towards a philosophy, none of them it seems able to offer an unbiased vision of Jesus, as a kind forgiving and sometimes angry man or woman perhaps, who lived to love and protect the most vulnerable, but all the time willing to see the good in everyone, even in the most difficult of times.

In a world torn apart by a mixture of greed lust apathy paranoia and fear, it is time that we put an end to the mess, and got ourselves singing off a familiar hymn sheet, so that we can follow a future that does not consist of global destruction by means of chemical, atomic, or human means – disease. As many prepare, to celebrate the birth of the Holy One, and there are prophets too, all divinely sent, it’s timely, to put in perspective, what the season means in it’s correct context, not the shopping experience, we have turned it into.

Great changes are afoot, we have witnessed the turmoil globally these last seven years, which has been a permanent feature, for many unfortunates, for far too long. Christmas, is the celebration of Love, and the birth of the redeemer, the one who died for us, and was resurrected again, by divine means. God is watching us closely, hoping, (and we have proof positive of this,) that we put into every day use, the gift given freely, to everyone of us. If it’s just a question of accumulating, this life gift, will account for no more that an extended shopping experience, as we are so good at promoting. The picture in the Sky, is possibly, the last post from a Heavenly father, check it out and pass it on, it just might save us, amen.