What Next

Blame game call it fame

Grabbing my chance,

What else is there,

Cant put out the flame,

Written off too often,

Called out so often,

No one ever listened,

Met the old man,

Did all that I can,

Speechless sleepless almost,

No time to waste,

Blasts shoots thrives,

Give me time,

Give me fame,

I’m alive you no

I’ll make it clear,

Grabbing my opportunity,

What else is there?


Stupid wasted potential

Every child loosing it

Grabbing emotionally

Anyone that moves them,

Not good enough,

This care free world

God is calling out

Why all the takes,

Hearts blasted open,

Something strange up,

World quickly sinking

Rehearsal time is up,

Free dental care,

Nothing to eat but fear,

It’s simply not working

Signs all blurred,

Why raise expectations,

When all is absurd


A farce it seems,

Ridiculous and extreme,

Constant mind control,

Death awaiting all,

Heaven so far away,

Voiceless don’t know

Well being undermined,

Excuses all they find,

Rapid descent down,

We need a turnaround,

What next a new sound

Women talking loud,

Critics the usual howl,

Pointing and insulting,

Never doing anything,

What madness is this,

When wisdom is ignored,

What will happen next,



Keep it shut it forget it sleep on it no one is doing anything all deceived by it, what else is there to abuse…..