Doping the Elderly

Just getting old slowing,

little confused from medication,

family recommend more,

doctors in full agreement,

drug manufacturers elated,

getting a little more doped,

little unbalanced unable to cope,

move to a strange environment,

more confusion medication flows,

excuses not good enough,

playing with old hearts,

God Most High watching it,

how they dope the populations,

the answer solution a timely one,

perhaps ambition is too strong,

the ego outmaneuvers wisdom,

appears to do so anyway,

but it’s entirely temporary,

the more self less love,

you only live once they say,

promise of heaven on earth dismissed,

exploit and thrive like the rest,

time for your medication dear,

old lady is afraid to object,

swallows the pills like the rest,

someone intervene she pleads,

her prayers are being heard,

angelic beings instructed to act,


if there is no solution,

the consequences severe,

promise of God Most High,

warnings sent in various guises,

reform change and we might last,


imagine at the end of your days, in a facility waiting to die,


The Price

Medicated and traumatized, they stroll  streets, their resources stolen, repeat after repeat, promise after promise, the theft continues, another 100 million gone, another service cut, mentally anguished adrift, no room for them, unless it’s a crisis, medical staff overworked, no time to give, worried about forms, give them more medication, the roundabout turns, the price visible to see. What do you do, a society creates a system, hides and deceives, privatizes what it can, is there anything to sell, well sell it then, short term gain, the long term ignored, the scandal of legal medication, a stone on everyone’s back, the price we all pay, the regular violent actions, evidence of it everywhere, amen, imagine what the Guy in the sky thinks!IMG_5757

Standards for Bank Robbers

You go into a bank, you produce a gun, and order the cash, gun goes off, injures someone, homeless at the time, judge gives you twenty,  local press cheers, as does the public, you’re a bank, tax free zone, you lend,  to those who propose,  to take over a small country, the details vague, the return is big, you get the applause, respect of the press, such a shrewd move, in difficult circumstances, you helped over throw, a government interested in people, the financiers came from a gaggle of sources, the owners of the money not established, assorted funds well branded banks and others, five hundred thousand lives ruined, many are murdered and imprisoned etc etc, they treat the guy with gun harshly, ignoring the organizersIMG_5757 of the illegal army, bullying I suppose is hard to deal with, amen.

You are told it was the right, in the aftermath there is despair,  and every horror possible, you call yourself a soldier,  a formula repeated again and again, finally the aggressors control the world almost, then The Mighty True God gets ready, once people start using their talents wisely, just saying, it’s the reality of God, something men and women try to squash, faith in Love and Justice, faith in all that is divine.

Divine intervention divine standards, it’s an awakening of divine portions, that is here to stay, amen.

Restoring Wisdom

A formal relationship for the foundations of Love, marriage, the wedding feast of Cana one glaring example of it, reflected in the ancient scriptures of old and noted in all the religions, why allow bad experiences in history to undermine the power of Jesus, the first son of the One True God, wisdom for all believers, and why would believers in the One True God, deny that other prophets were also from the One True God, only politicians would, amen. The image of the man in the sky, it’s real, for everyone to see not just the “special few” as some call themselves, any questions…

Love turned water into wine at the wedding feast, and the early Christian leaders turned the Love of God into a political organisation, it’s time the errors of the past were understood, it’s time for the believers in God Most High to come together, all the scriptures of old need to be revisited and fully understood, too much division too many wars later, and we find the world in crisis mode every day, wine is good for your soul and politics is the death of Love, time for Christian and Muslim alike to restore wisdom’s greatness and share it,IMG_5757Copy of IMG_2498


nice, interesting, wow, see that, the trailIMG_5757 laid out, follow, scheme, become like, do it daily, do it weekly, do it yearly, soon you’ll imitate, and become what you see, nice butt, wow,

image, it controls the mind, someone said something about it, many years ago, but not many listened, now were addicted, and it’s considered normal, just saying, that’s all,

more to image than you could possibly imagine.

Heaven on Earth

Whose up there, whose looking down, can we control them, use blackmail then, find the weakness, everyone has one, old Chinese proverb, dumb them down, find them a cause, sort out the sparks, large crowd gathers, ambitious to the last, climbing over each other, trying to get a handle, hoping it will last, ant hill of humanity, political minded, heading where you wonder, God Most High smiles, something to cheer for,  honest souls among them, sends in the angels, gives clear instruction, wonders why the delay, children crying out, women in fear everywhere, demon supporters choking on conceit, diet for rest of life, corruption meter bursts, repairman sent to help, need a new one, start all over again, third time lucky smiles the Lord, the blessed trinity, united at last, if only life was a game, was to those who tore it asunder, to those who plunder, to the corrupt net-workers, ladder is now electrified, only good souls capable, sounds like heaven on earth tonight, amen.Copy of IMG_2498IMG_5757

Divorced World

ImageDivorced Society


Great for who?

Children disposable

Lost guidance

Couples lazy

Compromise limited

Don’t try hard

Singles market

Property market

Consuming society

Growth of love

Unhappy singles

Porn addicts


So convenient,



Aborted child lost soul

No place no shelter

Anger just grows and grows

Many reasons never valid

Rarely a necessity

Celebrity endorsed

Convenience of course

Left leaning politicians

Chasing the vulnerable

God Most High forsaken

Mother nature fuming

Is this revelation


You sow you reap

Does anyone show

True love anymore

It’s all about me

You’ve one life

So your told

Another lie you believe

I’ve seen the door

The heavens gate

Why no one told you

Why poverty grows

Excuses everywhere

Inconvenient I suppose

The Wheel of Divine Fortune

 wheel of life turns,

sometimes slowly,

waiting niggles you,

 tired emotionally

not that your alone,

 entire world is waiting,

Image for

The good news,

return of  good,

 end of corrupt practices,

deceit of the few,

resolution of spiritual fight

those Who choose,

the wide path,

that has lead,

 world into trouble,

those who Held the line

 took the narrow path

, both sides have  temptations,

 Want  situation to worsen

hoping to confuse God ,

 both sides deal  and divide

diving and ducking,

causing chaos throwing

accusations  counter claims

this has been the  world

 too many decades and years

 sides  interested in  power,

the Comfy seats of both sides elite

deciding who wins loses or dies

well, God Most High, is most aware,

this travesty of hope,

heavenly inheritance thrashed

where trust is Love,

savagely tarnished, unrecognizable

 treatment of women purely sexually

 rearing of children without thought

 the environment around them

 a forecasters nightmare ,

rejoice it’s been all thwarted,

Blessings Pouring out,

wheel has turned good,

and about time,


Image To, those who lost hope, those that tried hardest, those that were

Innocently led astray, don’t give up, God Most High has been seen in the sky,

And justice and miracles are being poured out worldwide, as a gift and a warning,

The last chance saloon, and they said it would never happen, that’s what losers


Johnny’s cash’s Lament

Why the silence, why the ignorance, why the blindness, why the deafness, why my innocence, wasn’t it good enough that I was born, why the questions, why oh why you ask, why those crocodile tears, does anyone have a chanceImage,

are you living in a world full of distorted love and in fear. Why the bloodshed, its going on in Syria, why do you allow the use of those off shore locations by all those racketeers, why you ask, because without off shore support few of these tyrants could support, the horrors financed by those same bunch of off shore racketeers, and who I ask, supposing your all ears keeps these off shore locations in place and in tact, not the poor or the marginalized, not the weak or the oppressed, not the churches or the teachers, but our governments and their peers. It’s been going on since time began, it was just like this when Rome had the plan, to dominate and control all that was to be found, a plan that later empire builders tried to take on and expand, and now that we have reached the summit of mankind, when we have to look to space to grow and expand, why do we allow  the child refugee’s of syria to freeze to death and grow bitter with age, when all we had to do was curb our own ego’s,  so much for the tears spilled for the twenty sandy hook children so tragically killed, why do we manufacture so many guns. And the moral of the story is this, with trillions stashed in off shore havens, avoiding tax needed to repair and build societies everywhere, is it not time to ask yourself the hard questions and make some kind of stand, or do you want to read of another mass killing or needless deaths of children, while we in the west, practically eat ourselves out of existence, or are you one of those types, who doesn’t really give a damn, cause it hasn’t happened to you yet. Every time an act of violence occurs, hatred ensues, wickedness increases, evil thrives, and whether or not a drone accidentally drops on an Afghani village or somewhere else, in the name of security for one nation, the penny only drops when it happens at home. It’s why gun control is not just an issue for the U.S.A., but everywhere, ask your Mexican neighbours, they’ve been suffering from lack of gun control for years, but no one took a moments notice until you be

Planning the Revolution

A visit to town, his favorite coffee shop would give him time to exercise and dwell, doubling the experience.

So much of what’s in the head, is other people’s junk. What is in the heart, is divine. Basically, the war he was planning, was a battle divine, spiritual and real, the twin worlds of dark and light. Sounded a revolution of the human race versus human waste, not so easy he thought striding along. The waitress always gave him ideas, leaning on women, from the day you’re conceived. A good reason for more children, less time for war. They always focus on the interest of a group, whatever, so long as there was enough suffering, just never an end to the suffering, crisis repeated themselves, providing opportunities for business and network development. Aiding what, more of the same, they won’t want to hear that either, well no one wants to hear the dreaded words, I’m divorcing you, and they say words have lasting consequences. Did she really say that, doubts worries actions, just in case, it’s easy spread doubts. It’s called the spin doctor affect. Go see your lawyer, and you’ll get the ten reasons you need to do something, a new will, and it goes on and on, then there is old age and rows of wrinkles, and the might have been’s. Father O’Che was going to war, imaginary, tactically simple, and totally peaceful, who would believe it. Counter the dark with the bright, and see it happen.