The Wisdom of Man

It does harm, everything chemical,  do they listen, policeman stands, search continues, it’s hidden in the car, steroids bought online, everyone’s taking them, the professionals, it’s a late evening, he’ll be home soon, once the search is over, the routine is similar, dinner TV and sleep, across the road, boy is already strung out, his bedroom door locked, his faith in escape, faith in humankind lost, found the needle easy, now controlled by it, wasn’tIMG_5757 the plan, now the solution, soon need more, should have been legal, least where is comes from, just wondering, amen…for a fraction of the cost of policing it, they could have bought the entire crop themselves, wisdom of mankind, when did it ever get results, amen.

This is the Day

This is not two thousand years, this is the opportunity of eternity, this is not waiting for Godot, this is the heart of every child waiting, hoping to see love come in the door, this is the woman deserted and unloved, this is the call of all lifetimes, this is not sentimental or unfair, this is the call for great change, this is the bell that needs to be heard, this is not a time for timid behaviorIMG_5757, this is not a time for settling scores, this is the time to give it your all, this is the day you are reborn, this is the opportunity few ever get near to, this is not an escape but a future, this is now and love makes it happen, hiding behind numbers and games of scrabble, it’s simply not acceptable at this time, the signs are in the heavens and sky, the messages the reminders the repeating numbers, it’s called doing and believing without doubts, when God Most High calls you take notice, the image of the men in the sky, it’s 100% real, amen., you are not expected to get ready, when you are called you are deemed ready by divine authority, its’ really that simple, amen. One God One Love No Religion No Fear Pure Wisdom. If you want to be like the Pharisees of old, accept their fate…

Doping the Elderly

Just getting old slowing,

little confused from medication,

family recommend more,

doctors in full agreement,

drug manufacturers elated,

getting a little more doped,

little unbalanced unable to cope,

move to a strange environment,

more confusion medication flows,

excuses not good enough,

playing with old hearts,

God Most High watching it,

how they dope the populations,

the answer solution a timely one,

perhaps ambition is too strong,

the ego outmaneuvers wisdom,

appears to do so anyway,

but it’s entirely temporary,

the more self less love,

you only live once they say,

promise of heaven on earth dismissed,

exploit and thrive like the rest,

time for your medication dear,

old lady is afraid to object,

swallows the pills like the rest,

someone intervene she pleads,

her prayers are being heard,

angelic beings instructed to act,


if there is no solution,

the consequences severe,

promise of God Most High,

warnings sent in various guises,

reform change and we might last,


imagine at the end of your days, in a facility waiting to die,


The Price

Medicated and traumatized, they stroll  streets, their resources stolen, repeat after repeat, promise after promise, the theft continues, another 100 million gone, another service cut, mentally anguished adrift, no room for them, unless it’s a crisis, medical staff overworked, no time to give, worried about forms, give them more medication, the roundabout turns, the price visible to see. What do you do, a society creates a system, hides and deceives, privatizes what it can, is there anything to sell, well sell it then, short term gain, the long term ignored, the scandal of legal medication, a stone on everyone’s back, the price we all pay, the regular violent actions, evidence of it everywhere, amen, imagine what the Guy in the sky thinks!IMG_5757

Heaven on Earth

Whose up there, whose looking down, can we control them, use blackmail then, find the weakness, everyone has one, old Chinese proverb, dumb them down, find them a cause, sort out the sparks, large crowd gathers, ambitious to the last, climbing over each other, trying to get a handle, hoping it will last, ant hill of humanity, political minded, heading where you wonder, God Most High smiles, something to cheer for,  honest souls among them, sends in the angels, gives clear instruction, wonders why the delay, children crying out, women in fear everywhere, demon supporters choking on conceit, diet for rest of life, corruption meter bursts, repairman sent to help, need a new one, start all over again, third time lucky smiles the Lord, the blessed trinity, united at last, if only life was a game, was to those who tore it asunder, to those who plunder, to the corrupt net-workers, ladder is now electrified, only good souls capable, sounds like heaven on earth tonight, amen.Copy of IMG_2498IMG_5757


The Barn

Chemical sprays poison children, asthma levels at record highs, low energy light blinds,

even the experts agree, water supplies with additives, toxic waste dumped in oceans,

news paper headlines that enrage, an elite that has to control, medical conditions marketed to upset,

LEGAL MEDICATION THAT ADDICTs, what one are you on, the human heart bleeds, women tired of being sexualised, can you see me another way honey, children under regular stress, global problem with pornography, what you doing up there, DID I MENTION GLOBAL CRIME NETWORK, violence presented as the norm, young ones exposed daily, politicians without real principle, what have they changed lately, only the seats, 50% living in poverty almost,

FOUR BILLION, TWENTY THREE TRILLION $ OFF SHORE, where did all that dosh come from, can’t have printed it all, oh credit only, idol worship at record highs, every heart trying to grab love, even though it’s purely divine, are we heading to the abyss, WOMEN TRAFFICKED FOR SEXUAL PURPOSES, IN A BROTHEL NEAR YOU,  seems that so many are blind, building sand castles far and wide, did Neil YOUNG SING THAT, FORTY YEARS AGO, real love rarer than bee’s, check image of man in sky, not a figment of imagination, CAN’T AFFORD HEAD MEDICATION, depends what you want to believe,

(IMG_5757ghandhiISN’T THAT WHAT JESUS SAID, WITH FAITH YOU SEE CLEARLY,) leaders of this world, or God Most High, reform, amen. LOVE IS THE HARVEST, What’s in your barn then!.

Push Me

Don’t you enjoy being pushed

Made to do things you don’t want

Told to obey all those stupid rules

Feeling foolish when you’ve been had

Don’t you enjoy being pushed


Not anymore never like this before

The Heaven man is back on earth

No more putting up with corruption

Too many got away with that

Don’t you enjoy being pushed


Child man woman and the old

Tired worn had enough I’m told

Well get your skates on folks

Changing times are all about

Don’t you enjoy being pushed about


Grey sitting told to eat medicate

Great feeling being told to do

After years working it’s too late

Smile it’s your day off wonderful

Don’t you enjoy being pushed about