Restoring Wisdom

A formal relationship for the foundations of Love, marriage, the wedding feast of Cana one glaring example of it, reflected in the ancient scriptures of old and noted in all the religions, why allow bad experiences in history to undermine the power of Jesus, the first son of the One True God, wisdom for all believers, and why would believers in the One True God, deny that other prophets were also from the One True God, only politicians would, amen. The image of the man in the sky, it’s real, for everyone to see not just the “special few” as some call themselves, any questions…

Love turned water into wine at the wedding feast, and the early Christian leaders turned the Love of God into a political organisation, it’s time the errors of the past were understood, it’s time for the believers in God Most High to come together, all the scriptures of old need to be revisited and fully understood, too much division too many wars later, and we find the world in crisis mode every day, wine is good for your soul and politics is the death of Love, time for Christian and Muslim alike to restore wisdom’s greatness and share it,IMG_5757Copy of IMG_2498

Heaven on Earth

Whose up there, whose looking down, can we control them, use blackmail then, find the weakness, everyone has one, old Chinese proverb, dumb them down, find them a cause, sort out the sparks, large crowd gathers, ambitious to the last, climbing over each other, trying to get a handle, hoping it will last, ant hill of humanity, political minded, heading where you wonder, God Most High smiles, something to cheer for,  honest souls among them, sends in the angels, gives clear instruction, wonders why the delay, children crying out, women in fear everywhere, demon supporters choking on conceit, diet for rest of life, corruption meter bursts, repairman sent to help, need a new one, start all over again, third time lucky smiles the Lord, the blessed trinity, united at last, if only life was a game, was to those who tore it asunder, to those who plunder, to the corrupt net-workers, ladder is now electrified, only good souls capable, sounds like heaven on earth tonight, amen.Copy of IMG_2498IMG_5757

Hopi Style


Want to live want to die want to love want to survive, it’s your choice every way you look every bribe you tock every friend you sold out every love you hurt, there’s time to put things right and it’s now or never the end is in sight, there is a detour on the road it’s called the trail of love and it’s every ones option, the madness of the last twenty years the increase in hatred the increasing fears, the explosion of  the media the use of evil powers to control this earth,  conceit of the few what ignorance of those that new the blindness of religions, the growth of all that is wrong the stress anxiety the media culpability, are we going to continue down the valley of no return or are we going to be truly forgiving and loving, the time is today now not tomorrow next week or a year after, God Most High is not a fantasy but a real and glorious presence everywhere, if you need to check out the image use some wisdom use a magnifying glass and open your eyes, the heart I mean not the set you have in your head, alarm clock times and your worried about your children’s futures, amen, wisdom of the Hopi Indians the cultures removed the children and women sexualised, the minds of the men and boys traumatised with pornography, imagine what is going around in so many heads, ImageHamen.

Object Theory



Measures everything, every part, contents of your fridge, size of your hips, object theory numbers location, size of everything, object theory, not what you complain of, it’s what you are made of, every single part, science trends buzz words, economic theory explanations,  measure the beast,  weigh it carefully, portion it select, slice to pieces, sell it off, object theory,  performed daily, in the minds of young children, object theory not something to stand on, when the sum of the body never can never explain the value of one, amen

Keep the Head

Marie Antoinette and King Louis, all their friends, close relatives in fact, associates and advisers too, later after layer of them, lived the good life to excess, very happy in deed, let them eat cake she pleads, toast of the world, even feted to this very day, splendor we still admire, they indeed had great style, their lives a reminder, of all that can go wrong, lessons in love, don’t ignore endings, it might cost you your head, be happy but responsible also, wisdom is dispersed to be used, not funneled in one direction and abused, not shared we all loose, choices are made, on these we rise or fail, worm feast or heaven, God makes sure to feed the birds, everyone hasImage including those above, amen.


One God One Love One World One Heaven One Hell, thousands of years later, we have come to One agreement, if we don’t have One clean environment, there will be only One conclusion, another One, is the need for a clean environment for children, Another One we can agree upon, One prayer, would be the next step, in uniting the world, One less difference, a lot of Oneness exists, what’s another One between friends, and who were the Ones who came to save The Christ, Ones from the East, men of arab descent, tent dwellers, arab princes, come to the rescue of the special child, and the One’s, divinely inspired, out manoeuvre the roman empire, the Ones now deemed to be the enemy of the One, they actually saved. One religion became two, on account of One religions support from the same roman empire, making it One hell of a mess, everywhere, that has brought suffering to our One world, time to own up and admit the error, on all sides, and what a better way than oneImage common prayer, that praises God Most High.


Dear God, Father of Heaven and Earth,

(anyone with Ideas welcome to fill in the gaps, must include Love, and forgiveness)




(wiping out debt, one nuclear body, one global army, one common prayer, print paper, give everyone credit, reduce food intake, we can survive healthily on half portions, no obesity, one dream, one heart,)




a disease,

needs victims

to prosper,

every day,

feeding hate,

many professionals

fat on disease,

real victims wait,

politicians remind us,

associations demand from us,


emotionally or financially,

the industry of hate,

racism extended

far off destinations,

chasing victims they go,

story wrenches the heart,

a collection act fast,

victims continue to grow,

constantly daily nightly,

reminding the victim,

making them worse,

referring to fate,

using hurt to increase donations,

there you go,

another victim I suppose


Christmas Time

Much has been written about the sources of life on this planet. More has been written about the life of the one known as “Jesus of Nazareth”. Given the state of the world today and the many religious wars fought, either protecting it or promoting it, religion that is, a better understanding of Jesus is needed more today than ever before. Many prophets exist today, preaching and predicting. Condoning and conditioning, their own understanding of “Jesus Christ” their attraction, each one having a leaning towards a philosophy, none of them it seems able to offer an unbiased vision of Jesus, as a kind forgiving and sometimes angry man or woman perhaps, who lived to love and protect the most vulnerable, but all the time willing to see the good in everyone, even in the most difficult of times.

In a world torn apart by a mixture of greed lust apathy paranoia and fear, it is time that we put an end to the mess, and got ourselves singing off a familiar hymn sheet, so that we can follow a future that does not consist of global destruction by means of chemical, atomic, or human means – disease. As many prepare, to celebrate the birth of the Holy One, and there are prophets too, all divinely sent, it’s timely, to put in perspective, what the season means in it’s correct context, not the shopping experience, we have turned it into.Image

Great changes are afoot, we have witnessed the turmoil globally these last seven years, which has been a permanent feature, for many unfortunates, for far too long. Christmas, is the celebration of Love, and the birth of the redeemer, the one who died for us, and was resurrected again, by divine means. God is watching us closely, hoping, (and we have proof positive of this,) that we put into every day use, the gift given freely, to everyone of us. If it’s just a question of accumulating, this life gift, will account for no more that an extended shopping experience, as we are so good at promoting. The picture in the Sky, is possibly, the last post from a Heavenly father, check it out and pass it on, it just might save us, amen.

Esdras rides again

Hit list


God Most High pours over the petitions and prayers made in the name of Lord Jesus, those that are accompanied by righteous souls, are given priority. Peter stands quietly beside him, he’s never seen so many requests that made it to the Boss’s table. Pass me the wine he orders, Peter does as he is told. God sips a little of his favourite creation, then sips again, wondering, how best to unravel the mess, while protecting the good.


“have you got the names there Peter, those that sold out love, not the entire list, just the ones pertaining to the advertising industry first, they duelled with me for too long, assumed I didn’t exist, assumed I’m never react, even concocted stories about me, can you believe it” sighs God


ten names are selected, less than one per cent, they are to have their lives turned upside down in a matter of days. God puts his seal opposite each of their names, all of them close associates of the evil one. He writes out a coded message, passes it to peter. Send it down, and if anyone of them tries to petition me or whatever, I’ll never be home, is that clear.

Andy Benson, guru, marketing genius, is driving home from work a few days later. He gets a message on his mobile, he has to turn around. In deep traffic, he tries a fast 100 degree turn, slams into a truck, is left paralysed in hospital, where he’ll remain till the final judgement comes in.

Rosemary Dillon, his mistress comes to visit him in hospital, runs into Bensons wife, who screams and shouts abuse. Next day, news reporters are at the hospital, Benson has a secret daughter, the result of an extra marital affair with a judge’s wife. Revenues are called in. Meanwhile, Benson is sued by his wife for divorce, that is the end of him.

The list goes on, all afternoon, it’s the same thing, media, business, industrial and financial tycoons, each one of them has their life turned upside down.


That should ease the pressure down below sighs Peter, glad the boss has limited the list to the truly wicked.

By the way Peter, says God, I want you to thwart the plans of all their close associates and the evil ones, including all the fallen angels. I want it done right away, these petitions from all those children, is doing my head, and damaging my reputation. If I ever get another tranche similar to the last one, I’ll send an earthquake as well, do it shouts the lord. Mercy, when they begin to show some. And they say I’m not an interventionist God. God is very annoyed, he’d set a time in the future to judge them all, but on account of one boys plight, a life that had prior to this made him so happy and hopeful, he decided to divinely interfere personally, something he’d left to his servants of earth to do, that was before he realised, that the same servants spent all their time, compromising with the other side, no more of that he promises, never again he shouts, leaving Peter trembling, almost unable to write.

Over a short period of time, the lives of numerous well connected people fall apart.

Esdras got it right again.Image