Cheap Easy and Quick

The environment, the children, corruption, tyrants, the polar bears, just about everything, those who control our finances, those who curtail our freedom, those songs of protest, those wind bags who mouth off all the time, will they shut up, the noisy preachers, those that spread hate, the whole shebang, is this world ever going to change, not the fat around your waist, the hair loss, that’s a tanning opportunity, access to healthcare, civil rights, apartheid, no more long winded intellectual bullshit, no more reports, we heard them twenty years ago, no religious divisions, so you want a fast solution to the mess, well join the club, even the fish are having trouble breathing, while your children are going over your surfing history online, we never knew mom and dad were into that, yes, so you want a fast solution, you are seeking answers, there is no God, there is only poverty, there is nothing you can do, I hope you realize that the cure for all these ills and the solutions are already inside you, you just have to dump the thrash you gathered over the years, and the stuff that was bred into you. What does the greatest life coach do when the team is in trouble, well, you want to know, of course you do, you have friends, nephews, nieces, even children of your own maybe, and you want to make the planet a safer and happier place to dwell in, fairer, more equal. Well, so many complain about this, and they want answers, join the club.

The full bag of troubles, Solomon sighed. The solution came to him one night, and what a night it was. He was lying in bed, after having a chat with the Great God who had saved him, we need help, this can not be solved by human means, and you send the help, so he asked for help. Then the most extraordinary thing happened, the Spirit came into the bedroom and flew all around, just like that. And every day since he asked for help, it has arrived. So the moral of the story is simple. Go back to the time when Miracles were common day events, the early life of Jesus. By lifting the Spirit of light in side us, we bring those times back, it’s that simple, amen.

Let go and let the Universe

If it’s inside you, let it go, do something, angry man, angry woman, takes it out on the next emotional encounter, damn, why didn’t I talk about it, it would have made life so much easier, damn. Wise old man listens, the results of trust gone wrong, no one will talk to another, except on a very shallow level, even celebrities have figured this, when they see their laundry on the news, the following week. Dawn, those who destroy trust and the harm they pass on.

Bursting inside, think before you act, what is right will feel good, what it wrong will squeeze you, then again, how often are you right.

Love and Mr Bee

Loving, nothing is sweeter, the warmth of being, one with love, and the fear that emotion stirs, when you might lose, the way you stir inside, as your heart begins to bleed, the fear of losing your mind, climbing into battle with the worlds demons, and all the strength you need, no doubts allowed, the risks are epic, it’s nature, the outcome a victory, that is blessed, petitions answered from above, God Most High comes to your aid, that is something you can’t mess with, Texas all in power required, no shadows only light, what are you waiting for, jump in and taste the love, that is yours, for love and no other reason,  blessed by God, what can go wrong, brave heart  is waiting for you, no way out this time, come together now, fill my heart, in the battle of life, it’s real it’s divine and it’s all yours, love it to the last drop, once in it’s done, the world will be one, cause it’s life giving, you must trust fully, it’s that simple, cross the threshold, you can you handle it, being loved without borders or fear,  read my words, all love is divine, so fear should not be your worry, be hungry not greedy, it’s breakfast dinner and tea.

Don’t pretend,  In a nutshell, it can hurt badly, and can cost others dearly, you want  to be honest, no holding back,  love is stronger than anything, it’s why we are guarded, it’s not a passing fantasy, deeper than any well out there, so I believe, God Most High is your eternal friend, love moves the stars, reaches the heavens,  can’t be redesigned, you just have to believe, and that should be easy, cause your born with a heart that is full of it, it just gets torched along the way, so smile and be brave, you never own it, it’s the gift you pass on, just save a little for Mr Bee, just imagine it, there you are a little honey bee, out doing your best collecting some nectar and sweet honey, then you come home and your home had been robbed, what a sad little memory for bee’s, and the flowers that will miss his buzzy company.

 minds the BImageee’s, when they are gone we are gone, and what a loss that would BEE!!!