Professional Ethics…

Behind every fraud, there is always a professional nearby, what do they teach them in school. Solomon observed a class of school students outside a firm of professional people. It reminded him of Jesus and the day Jesus sent the demon spirits into a herb of pigs, who in a mad rush afterwards, ran to the cliff and threw themselves over, was there

A lesson in it. Is this the fate awaiting those, with higher roles in society, who deny the existence of God, by means of their activities. It certainly gives the parable added meaning.

Walking the street, he stops outside a shop, there is a child screaming, not shouting, but roaring, for no apparent reason. The overall complexion of the company, does not encourage compassion, there is something out of place. Solomon sighed, said a silent prayer, the screaming child stops, goes calm. It reminded him of a night, when Solomon was very young, it was a nightmare of sorts ,a demon faced soul was trying to overcome him, Solomon recalled holding firm, and the demon vanished from the dream, interesting he thought.

Across the world, professional men and women made it possible for the worst of harm to occur on a gigantic scale. In truth, there are some who act like mobs of demons. In the current times, the signs were appearing, the Sun was bursting from the sky, sudden changes in the weather. The experts called it the result of Global warming, what else. Solomon called them, acts of God.


The gateway

Open the hidden gates, wake the heart, re ignite hope, lift the vulnerable, raise the hopeless, calm the storm, secur the love, establish community, walk through the fire, come out the other side, stand guardian, don’t judge anyone, ride danger. Jesus suffered temptation, had constant efforts made to trap, shimmied in and out, ignored self opportunities, waited till it was safe, before coming out, not bad for one life, amen. Met the evil force, the many faces it shows, the fear it pushes, the way cancer grows, smiled through adversity, encountered miracles, encountered love too, saw sparkle from heaven, called the stars, they came, stopped the rain, escaped death more than once, driven by Fear of God, chosen too, did it his own way, understood the madness, understood the ignorance too, saw only one outcome, decided to try and changed everything, and managed it as well, well, when the Holy Spirit enters your zone, the wisdom of God arrives too, ask in the Name of Jesus and Pray,amen.