A Proper Charlie

He was a proper charlie, what does that mean, can anyone explain what that means. No, not the 100% cocaine you only find in the jungles of south america, no, not that, if that is all you can think of, well, you must be a proper charlie then, well, it sounds appropriate, amen.

Is this stuff real, the money man has a briefcase full of cash, he wont hand it over until he has the stuff tested. His accomplice in the deal, assures him, pharmaceutical grade he says, as if they can make unlimited quantities, at any time they want. Is that not reassuring, they can make it in any lab too, it’s just a chemical formula. But its not proper charlie.or Charles as some say.

What is real that is left in the world,no,this is not a Jewish sense of humor, whatever. This is the story of the zealot minded, who wanted to appear perfect in the eyes of men, the type that would turn over anyone, on a notion, the person who over buys insurance, in order to assure those close, it’s all covered, the work bench, tidy, tools in their original casts, perfection, the approval of men, and the more authority they have, the bigger the smile, a proper charlie in other words, amen.

The faithful friend stands by his pal, there isn’t much time,but their relationship is unique. His friend is a sheep, his is a sheep dog, over the years they became great pals. Let out in the morning, lassie as we’ll call our dog hero, he went looking for his pals, a few fields away. Hearing faint bleeps, lassie rushes to the field, what he see’s is devastation, wounded bodies,dead ones, his old pal one of them. Lassie sides up to his pal, his breath faint, there is not much time, he does his best to ease the pain, rests his paw on his pals side,dirtying himself with the blood on the wool,and decides to remain there, until the close pal expires, his close friend.

A proper charlie of a farmer is out in his tractor, spots the carnage,sees the dog biting into his pal he thinks, well, sheep are friends to everyone. In a mad rage, he rushes home, gets the shot gun, hurries back to the field, hoping, yes, hoping, that the dog will still be there. A more compassionate farmer might have got off his tractor and tried to do something useful, but our other world hero type,only wanted revenge. He smirks when he sees the dog beside the sheep,an opportunity.

The end of the story does not need telling, too many gloat over the wretched details, the press for one, and how they think sometimes. Jesus was lucky that there was no newspapers first time around,imagine the bad press they would have gladly written,purely for the approval of men, and we know that type,don’t we,amen. Proper charlie, amen.

Life After the Virus…

Can it ever be the same, after the lock-down, will you view the world as having gone through the blip, as easy as it is, to forget, well, there are serious questions to answer, the signs themselves, did they arrive to fool us all, did the findings in deep space, not just in the world over us, but the new space we found for ourselves during lock-down, the opportunity to really know yourself, it’s a rare opportunity you’ve been given. Our previous lack of compassion has found fresh roots, and new voices are being heard, not the usual clap trap of those who used to run to the micro phone,my turn next, no more of that uselessness hopefully, amen.

As Solomon would ask; will they turn towards God, or will it be business as usual, the questions that have to be addressed, amen. Put another way, will the sign giver rollover and ignore the mess, it’s not our property this world,even if we hang onto it, as if it’s all that matters.

The wise man said, we do the same as before and we sink further.

Jesus remarked, the topic was faith, so Jesus told those listening, will there be any faith left, when the great return happens. So many were too interested in pleasing men, the approval of others, all that occupied them, what others thought of them. Jesus called those people,children of the demon, amen.


It starts with a phone call, another is abused, a half message passed on, how they hide their arrogance, no surprise, he had the same call before. A political party, the arrangement of people, does anyone out there understand, all the mentions of mistrust in the press, the reactions of men and women of sound mind before, acting as if hypnotized, or in a cult or otherwise. He listens to the madness,its’ madness, makes plans, gets on with life. For reasons he understands clearly, it’s not for mention, the strange going on’s

Jesus warned everyone, in his group of followers, there will be man fakes,and as regards demons, they are plentiful, but hold onto your faith regardless of what great promises made, for the Kingdom is inside you, amen.

Solomon read the words of an esteemed teacher; the subject being, the well being of Spirit,and how a dulled spirit affects you. It will be tough says Jesus, but once you make the grade, you will be eternally rewarded.

An email from an unknown source,will you trust it, can you trust it, feelings you’d imagine an old lady would have when opening the door to a stranger late in the evening, that doubt, how it can slip into other aspects of your life. And you wonder where doubt came from, amen.


No opinion allowed, no deviation allowed, narrow thinking, every major religion at one time or another, has been guilty of it, amen. Imagine a child being not allowed to have an opinion, why do we eat like this, why do we wash like that, why don’t we celebrate that way, there are so many questions that need answering in the minds of children. Put another way, can you imagine the reaction of the Most High God, who doesn’t need impressing with big numbers or anything else, when He hears,that children were force fed the words of eternity without full explanation, are you ready for that interview. well,we all need a certain amount of criticism, amen.

Treasure Box

Now, 2020, all over the world, the treatment of women and girls is getting a proper airing. None too many conflicts to distract, the real issues are at long last,getting the full monty as they say. You don’t enslave women to show your compassion or your belief in God, it doesn’t work that way, amen. Off shore finance, the release valve for hidden tyranny, we all need to escape, but there is no hiding the conscience, many have tried, but the end of days nightmares seems to get them all, regardless of religion race or constitution, amen.

The Emigrants Cause

Walled in, your words captured, afraid to speak, freedom, non existent, poor services, the emigrants road it’s full of emotional experiences,why do you want to leave,why did you show up here,wondering if your going to be accepted, the reasons why you have to leave, and the anxiety you feel when you get there, from both sides your fenced in, then you have to prove yourself again,you have family, their future matters to you, at least you still feel human.

Sunday afternoon, Solomon is having an Einstein moment. No souls on the street, rounding a corner, a woman a man a young child and a grandmother, walking slowly, the old lady didn’t move too swiftly, the boy, the girl, the relationship,the baby, then the building of the future, the trail to another land, with their ageing mother, checking out the quite streets,the world having rushed off to the beach.

From a distance, a regular family, holiday makers possibly, then you hear, the different language,the child points across the street, the others follow suit. Economic or social, the reasons we move, to build new homes, a welcoming reputation, a sigh of hope, they don’t deport immediately.

Solomon ventured on, his opinions on hold, a bunch well connected, how many of them were on the road. Everywhere he looked, the plight of the immigrant news, on borders in poor countries, threats of war,to keep people out, most of it over acted, in order to scare the millions across the globe,seeking solace that night,and not a another threat of death, amen.

Jesus had words for those in need, and those who have used their talents unwisely. How we treat others those outside our normal living home, matters. The signs were reminding all, even the tired Father, this thing we call Spirit, has to be our first priority, the inner reserve, the room you keep holy inside, you can’t fake it, amen. Emigrant chaos, that term applies to each and everyone of us. The appointment is late, the doctor is sued, damages achieved, and every day they get higher, the costs.

What to do next, a rethink you suppose, well, if we can agree on the next world, that might suppose, a new attitude, well, helping the immigrants, money in the spiritual bank, maybe. well, you are doing it out of heart felt thanks for the gift of this life, and the right directions to the next, see it…

Problem Solving

Spin doctor to employer, your great, Politician sighs, always liked that fellow. If your head is filled, with all the mad excess’s you dream of, private education for the children, a healthy off shore account, same as your friends have, three cars in the garage, six houses, two mistress’s, apart from your regular family business, where in the world, will you find time for any sort of reasoning thinking,since your own personal thoughts, are totally unreasonable. It’s impossible, amen.

As Jesus might say, well, Solomon for sure, too much in the head for anything new then?

Mark 15- The Death of Christ — Unashamed of Jesus re blog, so well written

And when the sixth hour was come, there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour. And at the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? which is, being interpreted, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? And some of them that stood by, when […]

Mark 15- The Death of Christ — Unashamed of Jesus

God is a just judge

Undermining emerging democracies, encouraging tyranny, selling guns to unstable leaders, acting like a gangster, forcing those under your influence, to follow your orders, removing leaders who disagree with you, selling propaganda to millions, listening only to those who have money, the crimes of humanity are many, and lessons are taught regularly, the repeat offender syndrome, we got away with it so often, worry, we are invulnerable too, expanding, sell new product to the customer, using bankers to disguise the money trail, crushing dissent,and now the question, what sort of society does the above paragraph represent, here are the options, no need to worry about winning a prize, it’s just a quiz.

International Terrorism, International tyranny or your home country, which one do you choose. God is a just judge, imagine how your nation fares in this, and if it looks like a thorough conviction, maybe it’s time to encourage healthy compassion, before it goes too far, amen.

While children scream….Tel Aviv or Gaza, does it matter where?

The noise, it’s the whiz sound, he grips his mother tightly, his fingers tear into her, she senses the fear, It’s going to be fine, privately she is numb, she has already gone through the experience as a young girl, at least I have only one to look after, the explosion hits another building, not theirs, a sigh of relief. She puts on a smile, just as I told you.

Where are the real people gone, those that don’t act like politicians. Defending the vulnerable, used to be common place. Solomon sighed, when they see the light from above it must make them all wonder, or answer all doubts, God exists, and with it comes a stark realization, of accountability, amen. arguments can be settled when those in disagreement sit down. it’s easy to appear brave when you have might on your side,bullies behave that way all the time.

Well, Mercy for those that are merciful, who will stand up for you, when they lay you down, no human will do, the scars on your conscience, will set you free or drown you. Amen.


The amount of machinery around the bed, it’s hard to see what is behind it, then the smell, that clean feeling, sterile, pure clean, the nurse beside the bed, the rustle of the book she is reading, aloud, as if the woman in the bed can hear, even though she hasn’t been able to talk for years, seeing that she is in a coma.. The angel watches the intercourse between the visitors and the room. There are an inordinate amount of holy relics in the room, obvious to all, the woman in the bed is thought of as being spiritual. What if her inner thoughts could be funneled, used elsewhere.

What creates inner harmony, that feeling of well being. You don’t need a cult to remind you, that you need to take care of yourself, and that putting yourself first is the way to go, that’s how the lost are lost, they believe it’s all about themselves.

Einsteins, genius, great minds, powerful hearts, inspired, their lives, imagine them all being born again, in the talents that are disbursed, and blessings, that only the light inspires.

The signal is picked up, the Spirit leaves the body, taking with it, many great blessings, all waiting to be distributed, to others chosen to receive them. as the saying goes, the more accidents you have, the greater the premium you have to pay, amen. Imagine the heart beating, and with every beat,sending out a pulse, to another heart, that takes the beat, and moves it along, until it covers the earth, just think about it, the hidden gifts inside us, amen.

Solomon sighed, many feared a return to old fears, the bullying that was daily, the fear their children had to face, apart from trying to focus on a good education. Dear Father in Heaven, many are calling out in this confused world, where old fears simmer, deliver us they pray, from those who harm our children, please. Solomon reread the words, he had enough written to mine the Atlantic from any harm, but what good am I or anyone else, if I ignore the need at home. The log in the eye parable, it all comes back to Jesus, amen.