The Child

No one was listening to him accept joey, the dealer, his new friend,  was a choice between being undermined at home or heard elsewhere, what do you do, your young and want to have a go at life, your very impressionable, so is the porn industry, i’d like to be a model, Featured Image -- 1110227241but there is money in that, he watches as he is told, they invite him into the company, he’s one of the big one’s now, and very innocent, what’s that your taking, he wants to be one of them, there is nothing going on at home, his mother can’t cope with her father, not that he’s around that much, he needed nurture that never arrived, so what he decides, the needle is filled, he gets violently sick but feels fine after, utopia of a type you can’t describe, the world is beautiful he decides, just needs a little bit more…why would anyone deal in death…


Solomon’s Promise……some story…


First day of the new era, calm on the street, all is well, new happenings, love in his heart, the wisdom of God with him, the love of a great heart in Him,  prayers answered, the forecast storms dimmed, The Holy Spirit pouring out, better than winning the gold cup. Solomon looked over the balcony, angels had visited the evening before, revealed to him options, limitless, when used with tender love, .his stomach gave a short belch. We all need to eat he sighed, his head focussed on the mundane for the moment, least it was grounding, reminding him that even angels have to eat, but he’d overcome the test. The elders had given their sign of approval, he’d the trust that mattered..

to be continued….



Hungry child easy to feed,

Emotional rescued,

Wants to believe,

It’s called the nurture,

So controlling,

The use of “love”

The abuse of love

Some never get over it,

Sound familiar,

It’s almost a fashion,

What is real love then,

patience time given

lots of thoughtful things

not what you assume,

important when young,

the results sparkling,

when done right,


Restoring Wisdom

A formal relationship for the foundations of Love, marriage, the wedding feast of Cana one glaring example of it, reflected in the ancient scriptures of old and noted in all the religions, why allow bad experiences in history to undermine the power of Jesus, the first son of the One True God, wisdom for all believers, and why would believers in the One True God, deny that other prophets were also from the One True God, only politicians would, amen. The image of the man in the sky, it’s real, for everyone to see not just the “special few” as some call themselves, any questions…

Love turned water into wine at the wedding feast, and the early Christian leaders turned the Love of God into a political organisation, it’s time the errors of the past were understood, it’s time for the believers in God Most High to come together, all the scriptures of old need to be revisited and fully understood, too much division too many wars later, and we find the world in crisis mode every day, wine is good for your soul and politics is the death of Love, time for Christian and Muslim alike to restore wisdom’s greatness and share it,IMG_5757Copy of IMG_2498


Provocative, what’s that, interesting, yeah, what do you mean, curves, image, ideas to fill the mind with, string them along, bit by bit, ease them in, in no time, in deep waters, addicted to image, focussed on the self, eventually you can convince them of anything, eating out of your hand, no, it’s not horse training, it’s human conditioning, it’s why we were warned, idol worship, there’s far more to it, amen, mind gamers mood changers, you’ve been caught, God Most High, noting every detail, every trick, don’t be alarmed, too late for that, do something about it, and those who comment, the outraged, check out the mirror, before you open your mouth…one day you might be wise, curves, no, jagged edges everywhere.BOBMARLEY_HD


We are sun children, open to light, we delight with brightness, mood rises

at sun caress’s, inside we fill with feeling, no longer rushing about, as we

absorb the energy given. Modern living, busy all the time, mentally materially

driven, to the point of exhaustion almost, what’s there to stare at, 

always seeing, bargains everywhere, price tags we adore, can afford that, how

much is that, measuring everything, comparing chasing, ignoring the sun, where we came from.

It’s a busy life, we forget easily, appeasing indefinitely, watching the doom grow,

escaping into ourselves, we fill with sound bytes, that sound all right,

we switch off emotionally, leaving empty caverns everywhere, till our heads fill again,

then it’s time to unload, medical kit or prescription medication, ,

then we begin to race more, speeding to and fro, ignoring where we come from,

world shrinks all around us, used to be a safe environment,  remember what it was before,

forgotten altogether, that we are sun children ever more…


When you write words that move the heart, you are making love to the universe


When you move the heart you are calling out to God


When you cheat on love you unravel inside..



The straw that broke the camels back wasn’t any stronger than any one before, and the child who prayed the unforgettable prayer, was a tear so far, but also a blessing in disguise.


The Usual Suspects

Front page news, another look another view, celebrity rear ends, who’d do this to you, attention chasing perhaps, relapse back into rehab, posing is one thing, having a photographer stalking, rather frightening, what are they looking at, what’s in their minds, what do they want you to do, drool over your coffee this morning, imagine creating a living waiting for the shot, the editor hysterical cause of the pot, the extra thousands of viewers hone in, is that what it looks like, can you see anything there, are we all voyeurs,Image what does go on in the minds of so many, and they expect young children to view it too, on the front page some moral outrage, lift the covers and it’s a different story, do these people behave like corrupt politicians, or is their excuse the usual one, just doing what we are paid to do, the usual suspects what else do you expect, amen.