Music Words Rhythm….R..

Lasting impressions, the music that sticks, it is more than memory, it’s emotions. The song is from a time past, you might have heard it as a child, it could have been the first time you felt a Spiritual presence, it is lots of things. Funny how the big ego stuff never makes the cut, too much of the artist too little of the talent, distractions. Solomon sighed, there are moments in your life, the first time you escaped out the back window, climbed down the roof, hopped onto the ground and hurried off to the gig, with friends of course, never with those unknown. Young, the rules don’t matter that much, same as your hormones, you hear the music, inside you start to blaze as the rhythm runs through, your naive ideal and young, haven’d suffered the fears of the elders; well they are more experienced, its’ not your fault or theirs, and nearly all the time you get home safe. There is no darkness, the world is yours, its a choice.


Then you age, the experiences build up, the cover up begins, there are problems at home, stuff you want to hide, it could be an addictive parent, it could be anything.

Solomon sighed, It’s wonderful to think that God is the same to all, amen, the eternal friend never deserts you, unlike those who want from you. Solomon was reliving a night many years before, not old enough to vote either, but the memory lived on, in a corner of his mind. Music with real Spirit has great power, I hope you have a good listen, amen.

Black is Black

Black Day


Captains, queens, industry leaders, media tycoons, international embassy set, gather to stop the momentum, situation is untenable, secret truths being unravelled, where is it coming from. Supreme earthly leader panics, books spaceship and disappears. The ruling class gather, wait for their leader to come round, he’s had the answer for 1000 years, they wait in their plush accommodation, on a far off Caribbean island. He’ll sort it out, don’t worry, lets go and sunbathe smiles a nubile young girl, girl friend of ageing 80 year old tycoon, has a younger sister as well, but she’s guaranteed a job and a career in high finance, once her apprenticeship is served, she loves sunbathing as well, does it nude regularly, she’s only twelve. God Most High yawns, Peter wakes him from a sleep.

They are on that little island boss, still waiting for that other one to arrive, do you want to wait till they are all there requests Peter, an army of angels on standby.

That other thing won’t be arriving, quips God Most High, but I made other arrangements he smiles.

Power is lost on spaceship, devil enters escape capsule, thought you would get me he smiles, and jets off, lands alive on the beach, feet away from the nude nubile child. Daddy is home she smiles.

We thought you’d never get here shouts ageing media tycoon who sits beside her.

Relax child he smiles as he pats her ass, get the chief a vodka.

Peter sees what is going on, immediately informs his God, the one and only, whose watching re runs of an old movie he loves, high noon, it fills him with memories.

They are all there, what next quips Peter.

Outbreak of contagious disease that incapacitates permanently occurs, withers them instantly, leaves them wirey ugly and burning, mentally disturbed unable to sleep, in a living permanent hell, a disease that only affects those who have black souls.

I’ve turned them into a nation of lepers Peter, relax. Black Day for this evil lot  then smiles Peter.

If this doesn’t work, curtains I suppose declares the Lord, whose forever merciful, always hoping they’ll change their ways, the eleventh hour change that Jesus told to everyone, amen.