Les Miserables

Timeless classic, the words, a parable, the ways of the world, described in words, brought to life, in musical form, the Crawford experience, the tenderness of the voice, the vocal harmony, how it lifted everyone, hearts that were lost, found again, how Victor Hugo, gave life to so much hop in words, and Lloyd Weber, the music of the night, how it soothes the aching heart, recall the great composers, where they came from, the experiences they went through, trying to bring the world together, how they Honor the One who gave the talents out, think of the harvest, when you listen and or read the words, amen.

The effort to keep us connected to the light, so many out there, on a daily basis, trying to hold onto it, that inner feeling, while others try to tear you away from believing. The Prophet sighs, the trials of Jesus, under constant scrutiny, they, the spiritual guides of the times, looking for holes in the argument, like torpedoes trying to sink the boat of hope, and what does Jesus say of those that oppress you, for having Faith in Him, and The One true God, you are blessed in other words, hang on, the reward set out for you, is eternal, amen.

The apostles are on the lake, a storm arises, the boss is at the back of the boat, trying to get some rest, what are they worrying about, the sleep broken, would you have faith, the storm, slows, wind calms, and they wonder, who is this, the power of words and music, that calm the inner self, listen, amen.


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