New Zealand Premier Decides to Move Over…

I cannot give it all, it’s better to allow another in, the time is important, I have a life to live too, and this trolling, mental assault is bad enough, but when you have your own children to look after, and they need the time, (think of those left to their own devices), my time. The lady explains, you need to be authentic, real to yourself, it’s not easy having to worry about the children of the country, when you don’t have time for your own, it’s not good for you, amen.

Solomon reads the story, the young female leader, her children young, trying to fight the good cause while keeping the spirits up. He is reminded of others, surrounded by all sorts of interests, each one trying to be the favored child, it’s not easy.

The young professional enters the office, out of college, degree’d, status, has a secretary appointed, is treated like one above others, the power gets to his head; they will do anything, so long, his education and training make him curious as to how far he can push the power button, and with that curiosity comes the other fixtures of life, the ambitions rise, so does the nefarious thinking, has dreams of being a political leader too, more deviousness required.

Into the cauldron steps the inexperienced mother, experienced, what a word, she is committed to mothering, it’s natural to be, and the problems everyone else skims over, she is willing to expose, in times of change, she gets the popular vote, the new times begin, while our narcissistic hero, the office pro dreams of having her job, for reasons, would we all not like to know.

After bickering, and rantings, as most politicians are forced to deal with, the lady Premier, has time to consider, her spirit drained, she needs to step away, she decides to step down, was there any other way.

Solomon sighed, the notion of twin leaders; why do you have a deputy, unless it’s to fill the position when you want some time off, amen.


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