The Great Signs

How do you explain, the times are now, great signs for some years now. Clouds, appearances, great events, prophecy, the demand for changes, the new number, a first for the race, the amount of changes, great things are happening, don’t allow your faith to be shaken much, tribulations, and miracles, the end and the commencement of the new era, what sort of person do you intend being, now that heaven speaks to us all, amen.

Well, is that sort of habit, do i need to empty the closet, what should i retain, those strange interests, do i need to encourage them am i safer in a crowd, do i hide well, the reality, there is a God, forget the deceivers, it’s real, so how should I handle the signs, amen.

Solomon sighed, Ezekiel, the prophets, the Talmud, the holy books, all of them, the number 8, the next time we examine the number, maybe our personal habits will have calmed, maybe we will slow down, after all, in times of old, the work was manual, apart from the scribes and those like them, the physical energy burned off, the meaning of exercise, the need for it, the tired evenings, natural, the preparation for the festivals, they were not every weekend, people had to travel, there was safety in the cities, now, that the rhythm of life has altered, the 24/7 world of progress, has pushed the world to the verge, in short speak, time to get back on the road with all four tires, amen.


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