Riding the Spirit

The fatal step, the spirit handed over, the bargain too quick, is there a cure. Temptation, there are many, Jesus has the cure, be patient I assure you. There you are, the heads are lifting ideas the way thieves pick pockets, what’s this, the make up of schemes, the lady is running for president, has great hopes, has a world view, a little liberal too, some don’t like, the effort she puts in, the same as raising children, she keeps it tight, understands too well, they don’t raise themselves. How do we get her off the perch, the chat is frenetic, she is going to do a luciani on it, change things. Her close friends, what’s the leak, what can we get into, where is her weak spot.

Jesus knew the schemes of the pharisee’s. They had tricks, they tried it all, that was in a time, when life was much simpler, less of the fantasy, maybe a kiss from your neighbor, the height of it, we have left that a long way behind, now our interests, well of some, lets say, we don’t need explanation now, but in the times of 2,000, 8 billion, prophetic truth, no one has to fear anyone other than “The Most High God”, as for those riding the spirit, i’d listen, amen.

She is in full throttle, her campaign is flowing, her help is strong, then the bombshell, the news that is leaked, the mess, the effort to undermine, the gap in the campaign closes, then the cartoon, has anyone respect for the Most High God?.

Jesus was vert forthright in olden times, imagine today. You’d need…

There are times when efforts are created to undermine, and there are times when you have to account for it, don’t be fooled by those who try to explain it all away, as a game, there is a choice, amen.


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