Where is Barney Gone?

The three legged version of Garfield, the wonder cat, the wild kitten who put the life into another friend, Solomon often asked, where did Barney Go!, well, you don’t often see a three legged cat, he can’t have gone too far.

The Boy acquires a rescue dog, his personality comes out, they become great friends, they mingle, they go everywhere together, that dog knows what to do, and does not have trouble identifying trouble.

The need to mind your pets. Life is a journey, and the friends you acquire, they need to be maintained, looked after, this is too simple, but where does nurture come from, practice says the teacher. In the home, the boy comes in the door, Mother listens, there is news, they chat and explain to each other, their day, and each day the confidence grows.

But back to Barney The Cat, is ever there is a story of bravery, Barney is the cat. As a kitten, he was looking out for his little sister, and mother, the example that cat gave, is still alive today.

In doubts about Heaven, have none. In these times, the truth of the Gospels have been shown to be true, where is barney, the sage answers, In heaven obviously, amen.


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