November Reminder

Fast, the spiritual anxiety, we are supposed to be helping them, the sights and the signs, who will be facing the Boss next, what excuse will they provide. I told you, the old man is weary, the day of departure is near, the mother load of experience going up with him, a response no doubt below, what will we do.

The picture appeared, it was a cloud shouts another, what do I care, sneers another, his thoughts on the afternoon joy, this talk of God, it’s a career he joined for, not to serve, what.

The flash of wind, the rattle of the windows, they steady their thoughts. This story, how were we to know asks another, a voice is heard, that’s a question Jesus posed 2,000 years ago, panic descends upon them, we have to let the people know. In Rome, their are startling revelations, a new calm, no more of having to act the pious, they begin to tell the truth again, amen.

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