Do you recall, the chat is about a long time ago. The number of times you dressed up, had a costume change, the treat bag, the assortment of candies, yes she smiles, but how often did you go out, what she says, doing the rounds, door to door stuff, i did it three times once. What she asks, yeah he smiles, she likes the eyes, young again, found on the innocence that keeps them open and young, no sneers, she has had enough of those, she is a journalist, the word sneer, a very common expression she’s used to, when an informant or source, would pinch their eyes, while they regaled her with some heady news they’d be well rewarded for, no innocence in them, little compassion, selfish she recalls. It’s nice to get a break from that cynicism, she is a mother.

Halloween, we’d get into the clown suit, do the business, then when we got home, the three of us usually, we never were allowed out alone, not then, but we’d get ready and do it again, like a celebrity doing the change thing between the sets, we were far more advanced way back then, and they think themselves smart today. She laughs so much she coughs out a mouthful of coffee, nearly decorating his shirt, but he deftly moved in time, he hands her a tissue, like a wave of the hand, use this he says.

Halloween, a time to enjoy the company of friends. Where are you off to after this she asks, wondering if she will be around later to accompany him to the show that was on later that evening. Business he says, the stuff, we all have to do it. As he trails off, she catches a whiff of his after shave, a smell she used to remember, what if, it’s Halloween.

The concert is in full swing, he has a stage pass, part security, he watches the maze of souls, all young, the hysteria, they bop to the sound of the presenter, which sends them into another realm, how do they do it he asked, get them so excited, Halloween, they love the freedom, amen.


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