The Ceremony

The outsider views the proceedings from the point of view of what the ceremony is about, not the goals of the organisation, and what the organisation wishes to achieve, since organisations by nature, are survivalists in motion. Who best to understand this you ask?.

The children of God, the meaning of the ceremony, the vow before the assembly, the altar. The turn around moment, why do they place such weights on young minds, when the minds themselves are not developed in the first place, how can those still in the ascendancy make such promises, when it’s those watching on, who are the supposedly role models. The new world was taking shape, and it was affirmed by, divine help, and it was also affirmed, by old prophecy, in short, a new way of thinking was finding roots; the thirst visible in so many ailing communities, the need for peace of mind, paramount, how to fix the issue, and quickly.

So Solomon thought, seeking wisdom, how to change the depression that many were over coming, and turning it, into something, joyful and life enhancing. First the meaning of sanctuary; there has to be sacred places, where people are free, to express their faith, amen. The notion of the spying police, or those reporting to others, had to stop. The run around to complain to someone higher up,. in order to curry favor, had put a sore spot on the minds of many, when it came to expressing truths; it was a global pandemic of expression.

The ceremony, the need to put the right order on events, not the parade, as the point of being there, communion comes to mind, when parents and others assemble to watch the solemn event take place. It was in the interest of Children, that it ought to be, the parents who are on show, not the other way around. In short, Jesus did not distinguish people based on what they looked like, and was often challenged for being so open, to many, others did not see much value in.

The parents show up, their faith on display, they being, those who now brought along their children, to vow before the Almighty, their promise to rear them, into the beings, that would later live lives, that brought into practice, the lessons learned, in short, the parents themselves, were making a promise, not the other way around, and same as, the priests themselves, make the same vow, before the children, they intend to guide spiritually, as was the intention from the start of their mission, not to control others, but to be the servant of those, who were aiming for their divine inheritance.

Imagine the following; the children are from the various groups that believe in the Almighty. An Islamic child, a Christian child, a Jewish child, they watch as their parents or guardians make the vow, all of them believing in the same God Almighty. The parents, in order to show their respect for the Almighty, are also, offering a form of repentance, while silencing the bias and fears they accumulated over the years and decades, while the children enjoy the notion, that at last, their world has become One world, and not the conflict zone it has become for so many. Imagine the affect of this one change, then think, four years later, when the parents etc,. return, to confirm their vows, amen.

In short, what goes into the delicate young minds, will be taken seriously, amen.


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